you know how you get off track every now and then?  and then something shifts - you shift - and your feet hit the ground running?  or strolling, or stepping timidly...but you make contact with something and you move forward. for years i've done a short breathing/meditation practice early in the morning.  nothing elaborate; simple [...]


:: little girls :: walking behind my daughter and her friend, i listen to the exchange between these sweet girls.  their soft (for the moment) voices, their giggles, their eight-ear old anecdotes bring a smile to my face. :: siblings :: after picking my son up from his wilderness class, he sits in the back [...]

:: noticing the moments ::

taking some time to reflect upon my week... :: not technically from this week, but i must thank those of you who left me comments wishing me a happy break.  i didn't expect any comments on this post and, boy, did they make me smile *big*...thanks for your love notes :: loving our family's time [...]