making it my own

fasting means different things for different people.  for me, my fast is not about deprivation, it is not about sacrifice, it is not about religion.  instead it is about a very deliberate and very mindful intention regarding what is going into my mouth and my body.  i'm not really concerned with how others define a [...]

playing with pencils

i won't muddle this post with too many words.  suffice it to say i've been enjoying lovely moments at my desk these past few days...sunshine streaming through my window, a rainbow of pencils at the ready, my notebook of favorite quotes. last month i wrote about a favorite quote of mine written on a little [...]

my abc’s right now

:: inspired by susannah's post last week :: a is for apples...especially fuji apples.  i cut apples for my children every day.  someday i know i'll miss this pre-dinner ritual. b is for books...i adore books.  even with iPads and kindles and nooks, there can still be no replacement for holding a book in my hands, feeling the weight [...]

outside the comfort zone…

we've had incredibly mild weather so far this winter, here in northern virginia.  who would have thought, given our snowfall back in *october* ?!  i'm trying to be gracious about it all {because deep down inside, i'm a kid crying out for a good snowstorm}.  and while i'd like some white to grace our ground, it's admittedly hard to dismiss [...]


i am wanting to begin this year with spunk and inspiration, love and mindfulness.  i'll leave you with this image to make of it what you will.  my thoughts will follow in future posts, no doubt.  i appreciate all of you who stop by and take moments out of your day to read my words [...]