a pathway of beauty

i choose a new pathway of beauty, of love of intentional breath, of pause of running, of skipping of cuddling, smooching, giggling i choose a new pathway that allows for possibility that encourages growth that embraces yes i choose flowers on the table i choose smiles at those whose paths cross mine i choose this new [...]

mother’s day…inside, outside, and in between

holding us inside carrying us in her big round belly suspending bouncing swimming releasing us into the bigness that is life holding us outside cradling us in her arms protecting instructing guiding leading us down the path that is life holding us in between loving us in her ever-expanding heart devoting yielding sustaining urging us [...]


i spent some time working in our new garden over the weekend.  gently planting seedlings and carefully placing seeds...some so tiny it's hard to believe what will grow from them.  i couldn't help but catch my breath at moments.  these seeds, these tiny little nuggets of life. the kids are pretty excited about their individual [...]

the kernels

i'm coming off a weekend of visiting family and friends out of town.  fun, for sure but busy.busy.busy.  and driving home i felt myself feeling a little bit irritable.  the sun was shining gloriously and i was actually quite relaxed.  but something was gnawing at my mood in the midst of seeming peacefulness. the weekend [...]

:: noticing the moments ::

taking some time to reflect upon my week... :: the reminder of beauty being found in places i might not expect...the reminder to always, always keep my eyes and mind and heart open :: a ceramics workshop :: lemon pancakes :: this space...so thankful to have a place in which to express myself...so thankful to [...]

embracing the pieces

the pieces, the parts of me {of you}...they all add up.  they're up and they're down, they're sideways and inside out.  and they all count.  they're all meaningful...they're all essential. so collect the pieces, add them up, embrace them...all of them, even the messy ones.  and recognize the beauty.  because  it's there.  i promise you [...]