they're really into dragons.  especially drawing and coloring them.  they've got a binder with plastic sleeves full of dragons.  all with individual names and powers.  i love that they do this together.  i love that they ask to use my "good" colored pencils.  and i love that they leave them spread out on the floor. [...]

playing with pencils

i won't muddle this post with too many words.  suffice it to say i've been enjoying lovely moments at my desk these past few days...sunshine streaming through my window, a rainbow of pencils at the ready, my notebook of favorite quotes. last month i wrote about a favorite quote of mine written on a little [...]

{noticing the moments}

...taking some time to reflect upon my week... :: working with my colored pencils...felt so good :: reading...on my own, with the kids, the kids on their daughter reading a book on the way home from the library, parking herself at the kitchen table to read said book with her coat still, not getting [...]