on wheelbarrows and finding silence

the wheelbarrow is getting a lot of use around here.  there is a pile of mulch at the top of our driveway...a pile which seems to be frozen in its immensity despite the seemingly endless shoveling of mulch into said wheelbarrow.  after this weekend {which involved a lot of shoveling and wheelbarrowing} i finally feel like [...]

the stories

my story your story told each day in our movements and attitudes and general doings the story of a veggie wrap for lunch or hot cocoa with almond milk and spices for breakfast the story of kids kneeling in the dirt and digging a hole deep and wide for a blueberry bush the story of spring [...]

a virtual stroll

  my sweet friend lisa asked me to join in on a little blog tour.  and seeing as how i pretty much adore her and i pretty much relish a chance to press the pause button and engage in a little reflection, i said yes.  if you'd like to see lisa's responses to these same questions, you [...]

:: noticing the moments ::

taking some time to reflect upon my week... :: despite temperatures dipping early in the week (winter coats were back on), spring is arriving...trees are budding, tulips are pushing through, birds are everywhere...and i love my two perched by the window, watching :: over the weekend, sharing a bit about transition and motherhood here :: [...]