Five and a Giveaway

I was journaling yesterday morning before heading out the door with the kids. I didn't have much time, but the pull to sit at my desk and write something (anything) was strong.  Lately, I've been telling myself I don't have the time or I'm too tired or I'm too something. But the truth is that I [...]

The Logic Behind Showing Up

I pulled out this book yesterday (which I love) (thanks, R, for pointing me in its direction) to re-read its dog-eared pages.  At the book's outset, Gail Sher outlines what she calls Four Noble Truths for writers.  The fourth one is this:  "If writing is your practice, the only way to fail is to not [...]

Forgetting…and Then Remembering

I forget sometimes. I feel so good when I stitch something.  Baking never fails to lift my spirits.  A walk outside brings new air {literally and figuratively} into my body.  Every time I do one of these activities {and various other} I am somehow I have this aha moment which really isn't an aha [...]

an interview with nichole mc veigh

i first bumped into nichole in the indie kindred creative community, a facebook group led by jen lee.  i was instantly struck by nichole's generous nature as she straightaway shared her project (which you'll read about below) and invited interested individuals to contact her. when i visited her online space and read through some of the [...]

an interview with tara leaver…and a giveaway

today i'd like to introduce you to tara.  she and i can't quite remember where we first 'met'.  a blog led us to another blog perhaps, and eventually led us to discover each other.  isn't this so often how the interwebs work?  no matter, i'm keen on the work she does both artistically and spiritually [...]


if you frequent creative blogs and instagram, you will know that at the beginning of the calendar year, there is often a flurry of words...people picking a word on which to focus for the upcoming year.  it's a setting of intentions, similar but quite different from traditional resolutions.  and though i didn't share here initially, i [...]


it's all about pockets of time.  some day, when the children are older, i envision spending hours at a time creating.  long photo walks.  a table at the cafe down the street with pen and paper.  hands covered with paint.  needle and thread and swaths of fabric across my lap.  this will come, the extended [...]