A Tiny Bit of Quiet :: July 10

A quiet journaling series.  Read here to learn more about following along from June 19 – August 28. Sometimes it’s a form of love just to talk to somebody that you have nothingin common with and still be fascinated by their presence.~ David Byrne ~   Perhaps now, more than ever, these are words to [...]

A Tiny Bit of Quiet :: July 3

A quiet journaling series.  Read here to learn more about following along from June 19 – August 28. If you’re not changing, you’re not growing; you’re not being present.Change is essential.~ Maggie Rogers ~   Sometimes change is exciting, welcome, invigorating.  Sometimes change is uncomfortable, scary, anxiety-inducing.  Sometimes it’s a mix of all of that.  [...]

:: Dear Thursday ::

Dear Thursday, Thank you for your rain.  There's been rain here and there, plenty of clouds.  But I've been longing for a good, solid, rainy day.  You were that.  Thank you for beginning with hot tea.  For the banana.  For the yin yoga that followed.  When I walked into my bedroom to practice, the soft [...]

:: A Tiny Bit of Quiet :: October 11

A quiet journaling series. I'm taking inspiration from my summer journaling series on this autumn day.  Because sometimes a tiny bit of quiet is just the ticket.  Here's a quote + journaling prompts for you...   We cling to our own point of view, as though everything depended on it. Yet our opinions have no [...]

Tabula Rasa

It’s the end of another week.  Another Friday.  After another Thursday after another Wednesday after another Tuesday after another…you get the idea.  And you might think that I’m headed towards some reflection on the tedium of it all…the endless repetition and cycle of days and weeks, months and years. On the contrary. It’s this one-after-the-other [...]

:: Dear Thursday ::

Dear Thursday, Thank you for beginning with meditation.  Thank you for the cinnamon roll that came soon after. Thank you for the walk with my daughter and pup.  Thank you for the wind, even though that wind made our walk colder. Thank you for texts with people I love.  Thank you for a break mid-afternoon (tea [...]

:: Noticing the Moments ::

Taking some time to reflect upon my week... ::  watching the autumn sedum begin to color...each day the pinks get a tiny bit deeper...these sedum are an autumnal marker for me...they feel like an old friend ::  finally finishing an essay that I started months (months!) ago and submitting it for online publication...I'll let you [...]