:: noticing the moments ::

taking some time to reflect upon my week... :: driving down long stretches of road, trees on either side of me...noting the variations on green...have you looked?  incredible :: both kids trying soccer for the first time this spring, and both enjoying it a lot...practices, games, friendly kicking in the backyard :: the blossoms, oh [...]


this was my breakfast yesterday and it was so. incredibly. good. lightly toasted bagel, goat cheese, sliced tomatoes from the garden, coarsely ground salt and pepper. seriously...incredibly good. and i'd been thinking about eating this very meal for a good 12-16 hours before i actually ate it. what's that?  you don't dream about what you'll [...]

:: noticing the moments ::

taking some time to reflect upon my week... ***if you'd like to share some moments from your week {whether fun or not-so-much}, i invite you to contribute.  feel free to share words, photos, or both by leaving a simple comment, or by linking to your blog or flickr photo.  :: nourishing my body with delicious [...]

what makes you happy?

everyday life is full of challenges...ups and downs.  but there's always something good there, if you look closely enough.  there's always something that makes you smile, makes you feel good, makes you feel happy. this weekend, it was simple things that made me happy... a beautiful blue january sky...playing outside with my kids...crisp, winter air. [...]