:: Sometimes Mondays ::

An ongoing series of Monday snapshots and quiet reflections. Sometimes Mondays look like the beginnings of blueberries.   ***Registration is still open for the next round of Just 5 Things. We’ll be playing with creative list making…part fun, part soulful. All doable. Will you join us? Click here to read about the class and to [...]


Unfurling. I brought some cosmos clippings indoors recently and, when the blooms began drooping, I prepared to toss them.  But then I noticed the buds (so many of them) on the stems.  They were wrapped in a nearly-transparent, waxy kind of flattened disc. How did I not notice this before?  Something about the waxiness, something about [...]

dear garden

every time i head out to the garden - this summer, last summer, ever - i vastly underestimate the amount of time a given task is going to take me.  i think i'm heading out to weed for thirty minutes and it takes closer to ninety.  i do this over and over again.  yesterday was [...]

desire {a.k.a. flowers}

i've had gardens in years past...gardens that produced greens and squashes and peppers and such.  it was pretty great to gather and then enjoy the harvest.  but the past few seasons have left me feeling depleted, deflated, defeated.  the deer and stink bugs eating what they shouldn't, my kids not eating what they should.  this [...]

:: noticing the moments ::

taking some time to reflect upon my week... :: the past few days, i've been very intentional with what i'm putting into my body...keeping it clean and simple...joining pixie campbell in her 7 journeys in preparation for summer solstice, which is today...happy summer solstice to you :: still riding on the waves of good times [...]