A List About Lists {it’s time for Just Five Things}

• freedom• a container for thoughts, dreams, feelings, questions...everything• neat, orderly...even when the words are scattered and messy, there is form• no right or wrong...thoughts as they arise...each honored in turn• immediate gratification...look! words on the page...showing up, getting down That’s a list of what lists mean to me. Lists are a powerful way to … Continue reading A List About Lists {it’s time for Just Five Things}

It Begins with Coffee

words of now.  (no editing) coffee. sweet. slow. early (but not too early). music. pup. shadows. sunlight. lavender. birch. new. transition. shift. question. later. (maybe) now. quiet. wonder. wondering. giving. receiving. having. taking. giving (more). loving. love. loved. (to) love. look. listen. hear. taste. feel. understand. try. endeavor. move. rest. today. then. now. tomorrow. quiver. shake. … Continue reading It Begins with Coffee

:: Ten Things ::

Ten Things.  Right Now.   chicken in the oven eddie vedder playing…nothing man happy hour at home…chimay husband reading…kids playing xbox the pup walking around the kitchen, sniffing…hoping sizzling bacon...pre-hike eggie sandwiches for tomorrow feeling content…which is nice, given the anxious and worried feelings of late the pause between songs…now, U2…who’s gonna ride your wild … Continue reading :: Ten Things ::

It Begins with Freshly

Words of now.   Freshly showered.  Pink shirt.  Brown sweater, wool.  Pup.  Out, in.  Music (Christmas, because).  Tender.  Content.  Wondering.  Windy.  Clouds.  Some blue.  Hungry.  Quiet.  Candle, not lit.  Yarn.  Gift.  Desk.  Clutter.  Treasures.  Ring.  Circle.  Questions.  Confusion.  Possibility.  Hope.  Love.  More love. Waiting.  Connection.  Hesitant.  Confident.  Digging deep.  Books.  Poetry.  Words.  These words.  Heart.  Stretch.  … Continue reading It Begins with Freshly