Gratitude Week 2015 :: Tuesday

One special week of focusing on daily gratitudes...with you. For flannel sheets.  For the anticipation of that first night, each year, when I snuggle in (last night!).  For the weather that necessitates the use of flannel. For the quiet light in the house these days as I prepare dinner, a marker that autumn has surely arrived. … Continue reading Gratitude Week 2015 :: Tuesday

Gratitude {feeling} and {getting ready}

For the sunshine.  And the drizzle yesterday morning. For the hug I got.  After a conversation that brought tears. For my friend.  And the cookies she bakes and shares. For camera, pen, paper.  And the way they help me see this world. For people.  Who sometimes perplex but mostly inspire me. For a roof over our heads. … Continue reading Gratitude {feeling} and {getting ready}