a pathway of beauty

i choose a new pathway of beauty, of love of intentional breath, of pause of running, of skipping of cuddling, smooching, giggling i choose a new pathway that allows for possibility that encourages growth that embraces yes i choose flowers on the table i choose smiles at those whose paths cross mine i choose this new [...]

:: noticing the moments ::

taking some time to reflect upon my week... :: appreciating the beautiful spring colors all around and noticing the shades of green creeping in :: feeling moments of sadness and allowing them, because i know growth will follow :: feeling so connected...feeling so disconnected...noting the movement between :: sharing cadbury mini eggs with my favorite [...]

a gentle dance

these blooms, these petals...are fleeting.  but i am so enjoying their beauty right now.  all winter long, i have savored the bare branches against the winter sky.  and now i am  reveling in the beautiful colors against our spring sky.  the leaves are beginning to push their way through, and hues will shift from whites, [...]


you might not guess this about me, but i'm actually a pretty private, introverted soul.  despite that, here i am openly sharing myself.  and quite loving this space i've created...sharing my photos in which i find so much joy taking, sharing my words in which i find so much joy writing. committing to this space [...]