mother’s day…inside, outside, and in between

holding us inside carrying us in her big round belly suspending bouncing swimming releasing us into the bigness that is life holding us outside cradling us in her arms protecting instructing guiding leading us down the path that is life holding us in between loving us in her ever-expanding heart devoting yielding sustaining urging us [...]


on this day...valentine's day...people exchange notes and gifts of love.  my question for you is this...what if we exchanged notes of love every day?  not just on february 14, but on the 15th and 16th and 17th, on june 30, and august 2?  {you get the idea} bella posted this challenge over at 52 photo projects [...]

my abc’s right now

:: inspired by susannah's post last week :: a is for apples...especially fuji apples.  i cut apples for my children every day.  someday i know i'll miss this pre-dinner ritual. b is for books...i adore books.  even with iPads and kindles and nooks, there can still be no replacement for holding a book in my hands, feeling the weight [...]