Open (the book) (the window) (the heart)

While driving yesterday, I was having a conversation with my son about the importance of literature, the importance of reading it and (not always) analyzing it and gathering the kernels and ideas and inspirations.  And then...the dreaded (for him) written expression of that.  While he enjoys the reading, he dislikes (a lot) the writing part; [...]

On Children Growing Fast and It Being Okay

She made homemade waffles and they jumped into their day.  Dipping toes gently into a new year of homeschool studies.  She was pleased. And then, the afternoon was upon them.  They drove to the public high school down the street and she dropped her fourteen year old son baby off for a Physics class. She watched him walk [...]

blurring of lines

well, a new year of school has begun around here.  homeschool style.  day one held pancakes for breakfast and an afternoon swim, with some math and science thrown in for good measure.  starting slow and steady. over the weekend, we headed to the office supply store for some new pencils, a few notebooks, glue, pens. [...]

with boldness

movements of the day hold me where i need to be morning tea and freshly baked bread and schoolwork and housecleaning birds at the feeders which look nearly empty and i add this to my list lunch and dishes and then violin melodies fill the house, i sigh contentedly then pick up the dust rag again [...]

ten things, right now…

ten things, right now... 1.  snow falling (a happy sigh about that) 2.  the pup (who loves the snow) going in and out...but the constant in and out means constant toweling off…and it's getting a little old (and it's only 7:52 in the morning) 3.  a warm cup of tea 4.  children busy with schoolwork…soon [...]

:: noticing the moments ::

taking some time to reflect upon my week... :: with the celebration of memorial day in the united states on monday, we were afforded a bonus day with my husband {love that}...after a chilly weekend, monday evening was warm enough to eat outdoors...yes to al fresco dining :: hearing my kids' voices on the phone...they [...]

:: noticing the moments ::

taking some time to reflect upon my week... :: our first two pumpkins have come in...seems early, but the kids are pretty pleased.  sitting on the kitchen table, the morning light streams in through the front windows and makes them nearly glow ::  a morning walk with the kids...a quiet neighborhood...a little prelude to schoolwork [...]