Something New

I'm working on something new right now. While I love leading my online classes (I'll have a new run of Just Five Things for you one is in April), I've been curious about bringing things into real time. In a few weeks, I'll have just that opportunity. As a homeschooling parent, I feel fortunate [...]

In Need of Porch Step Sitting

Our schoolwork has wrapped up for the year (save a few additional weeks of math work for my son).  And while the winding down feels good, there's a simultaneous gearing up.  Which is freaking me out.  Mildly. Navigating our son's high school years as a homeschooler means we'll be enlisting the help of the community [...]

Gratitude Week 2015 :: Thursday

One special week of focusing on daily gratitudes...with you. For the freedom (the luxury) to be with my children each day. For the laundry, which necessitates standing in one spot and doing just one thing. For the car which takes us to appointments and classes and friends. For long, hot showers which offer me mini [...]

:: Sometimes Mondays ::

An ongoing series of Monday snapshots and quiet reflections. Sometimes Mondays look like math, math, math.  {enough said?}   P.S. Registration for Just Five Things is now open!  Click here. P.P.S. Gratitude Week begins next Monday (Nov. 9).  Click here to sign up for (free!) gratitude love notes.    


Do you ever feel that you just can't keep up?  With the Pinterest, the Instagram, the Facebook, the blogs?  And I know they don't need a definite article preceding their names.  But they are such entities, are they not?  Coloring our days, sometimes in lovely ways.  But sometimes I wonder if they fill in the [...]

gratitude week :: day four

gratitude… the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness sitting with friends beneath an autumn sky...a breeze blowing leaves to the ground seeing my slippers first thing as i walk through the door at the end of the day...and sliding my feet in playing games that don't involve electricity [...]