if you frequent creative blogs and instagram, you will know that at the beginning of the calendar year, there is often a flurry of words...people picking a word on which to focus for the upcoming year.  it's a setting of intentions, similar but quite different from traditional resolutions.  and though i didn't share here initially, i [...]

my work is done, and yet it’s just beginning…

if you'll indulge me just once more, i'm going to write about my 10-day fast which was led by the sweet laura emily.  for starters, my fast was 8 days.  yep, just 8. freshly-juiced vegetables and fruits...water...water infused with herbs...liquids, liquids, liquids.  i even explored one day with water only...a long day, and an even [...]

making it my own

fasting means different things for different people.  for me, my fast is not about deprivation, it is not about sacrifice, it is not about religion.  instead it is about a very deliberate and very mindful intention regarding what is going into my mouth and my body.  i'm not really concerned with how others define a [...]


clarity.  as defined by merriam-webster, clarity is the quality or state of being clear. finishing my yoga practice yesterday morning, i sat with eyes closed, hands held in front of my heart.  i sat in stillness, allowing a word - an intention - to come to me.  i do this most days.  it's a practice that i find brings me [...]

outside the comfort zone…

we've had incredibly mild weather so far this winter, here in northern virginia.  who would have thought, given our snowfall back in *october* ?!  i'm trying to be gracious about it all {because deep down inside, i'm a kid crying out for a good snowstorm}.  and while i'd like some white to grace our ground, it's admittedly hard to dismiss [...]


do you see this sky?!  this sunrise?  this is what greeted me yesterday morning, and it took my breath away.  in the midst of making breakfast for my two children, i glanced out the window and was awestruck by the glowing sky.  i immediately grabbed my camera off the kitchen counter and went outside in pajamas and [...]