It Begins with Rain

Words of now.  In all honesty.  (no editing)   Rain.  Rain.  Rain.  Violin.  Pup.  Grocery list.  Grey.  Sweater.  Ring.  Quiet.  Hum. Clean.  Tired.  Questions.  Always.  Wood.  Start.  Here.  Water.  Pen.  Tickle. Poem.  Circles.  Shadows.  Faith.  Self.  Others.  Truth.  Home.  Projects. Conversation.  Apricity (my daughter taught me that word the other day and I am smitten [...]

:: noticing the moments ::

taking some time to reflect upon my week... :: mangoes :: touched and quite pleased that this illustration struck a chord with so many of you; thank you *all* for your lovely, lovely comments. my heart :: winding down our schedule and looking forward to more open hours of summertime fun :: slip n' [...]

my work is done, and yet it’s just beginning…

if you'll indulge me just once more, i'm going to write about my 10-day fast which was led by the sweet laura emily.  for starters, my fast was 8 days.  yep, just 8. freshly-juiced vegetables and fruits...water...water infused with herbs...liquids, liquids, liquids.  i even explored one day with water only...a long day, and an even [...]