:: Ten Things ::

Ten things.  Right now. 1.  my daughter's violin lesson...Vivaldi's Spring...the melody, the harmony...the joy 2.  sunshine on my desk 3.  the pup lying by my feet 4.  feeling thirsty...need water 5.  books, papers on my desk...a bit of a mess 6.  clouds in the sky...the bare branches of the birches against the sky...the hint of [...]

Sometimes {and a hiatus}

Sometimes.   Sometimes I want to cry because I am sad or overwhelmed. Sometimes I want to cry because I feel completely connected to All.   Sometimes I want to eat vegetables and fruits. Sometimes I want to eat freshly baked cookies and sourdough bread.   Sometimes I want to have long and deep and [...]

It Begins with Rain

Words of now.  In all honesty.  (no editing)   Rain.  Rain.  Rain.  Violin.  Pup.  Grocery list.  Grey.  Sweater.  Ring.  Quiet.  Hum. Clean.  Tired.  Questions.  Always.  Wood.  Start.  Here.  Water.  Pen.  Tickle. Poem.  Circles.  Shadows.  Faith.  Self.  Others.  Truth.  Home.  Projects. Conversation.  Apricity (my daughter taught me that word the other day and I am smitten [...]

:: Dear Thursday ::

Dear Thursday, Thank you for beginning with coffee.  Thank you for the time to drink that coffee curled up under a warm blanket with a good book, before everyone else woke up.  Thank you for being another day that I got to be home with my kids, guiding them in their homeschool work.  Thank you [...]

:: Randoming ::

Some random things.  For you to click. I'm a big Moleskine fan.  I use these for journaling.  And while I've used these planners for a few years and have one for 2016, I'm tempted to invest in this planner and shake things up. I'm finishing up this book right now.  I'm pretty sure that as soon as I finish [...]

ten things {and a giveaway}

ten things, dessert. 1.   boston cream pie 2.   chocolate pudding 3.   apple pie 4.   pumpkin pie 5.   mint chocolate chip ice cream 6.   dark chocolate 7.   chocolate chip cookies 8.   brownies 9.   chewy molasses spice cookies 10. pound cake with fresh berries yum. today marks the [...]

lessons in persistence from my eleven year old son

backstory:  i decided at the beginning of this year that i would take {at least} one photograph each day and make a short journal entry about that photo.  simple in theory.  but i've slipped... so the conversation went something like this: me:  oh, i am so behind in my photo project! my son:  why are [...]