a science lesson

five lines by friday. a writing practice.sometimes formatting makes the text appear as more than five lines...c'est la vie. a science lesson Science 101, diffusion:  the movement of particles from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration, equalizing the pressure.  In other words, letting go. The coupons, the takeout soy sauce packets, the … Continue reading a science lesson

A List About Lists {it’s time for Just Five Things}

• freedom• a container for thoughts, dreams, feelings, questions...everything• neat, orderly...even when the words are scattered and messy, there is form• no right or wrong...thoughts as they arise...each honored in turn• immediate gratification...look! words on the page...showing up, getting down That’s a list of what lists mean to me. Lists are a powerful way to … Continue reading A List About Lists {it’s time for Just Five Things}

It Begins with Snow

Words of now.   snow.  wisdom.  inner.  quiet.  sounds.  external.  internal.  symbiosis.  drip.  melt.  feathery.  white.  ice.  music.  motherhood.  growth.  light.  darkness.  understanding.  (constant) questions.  look.  listen.  here.  today.  world.  hope.  love.  connection.  courage.  newness.  ready.  not ready.  experiment.  friendship.  comfort.  warmth.  light (again) (more).  truth.  individual.  crowd.  companionship.  sole.  soul.  try.  again.  fear.  construct.  … Continue reading It Begins with Snow

It Begins with Freshly

Words of now.   Freshly showered.  Pink shirt.  Brown sweater, wool.  Pup.  Out, in.  Music (Christmas, because).  Tender.  Content.  Wondering.  Windy.  Clouds.  Some blue.  Hungry.  Quiet.  Candle, not lit.  Yarn.  Gift.  Desk.  Clutter.  Treasures.  Ring.  Circle.  Questions.  Confusion.  Possibility.  Hope.  Love.  More love. Waiting.  Connection.  Hesitant.  Confident.  Digging deep.  Books.  Poetry.  Words.  These words.  Heart.  Stretch.  … Continue reading It Begins with Freshly

A Tiny Bit of Quiet :: August 28

A quiet journaling series.  Read here to learn more about following along from June 19 – August 28.   As inspired, please share in the comments below + use #atinybitofquiet on Instagram. Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries.Without them, humanity cannot survive.~ Dalai Lama ~     • Who (and what) do you love? … Continue reading A Tiny Bit of Quiet :: August 28