Unfurling. I brought some cosmos clippings indoors recently and, when the blooms began drooping, I prepared to toss them.  But then I noticed the buds (so many of them) on the stems.  They were wrapped in a nearly-transparent, waxy kind of flattened disc. How did I not notice this before?  Something about the waxiness, something about [...]

Permission to Droop

  This lone drooping tulip. Usually a drooping flower {a drooping anything} feels sad to me, but this tulip doesn't feel especially sad to me.  It kind of feels like it's just doing its thing. Sometimes it's hard to stand in the crowd and not do the same thing that everyone else is doing.  Sometimes [...]


It is no small feat to listen to one's heart.  Sure, it's easy in some instances, like last week's pie {I knew it was what my heart body, maybe heart, absolutely}.  But there are other occasions that leave one stalled.  When I stall, I try to keep my heart open and listen to the [...]

nothing of consequence

the remaining leaves hang surely the lushness of summer passed but glory still as they cultivate presence in the wind beneath a sky heavy with clouds and they maintain lightness the birch leaves whisper as they dance on the breeze casual about former verdure and seemingly at ease with now-yellowing bodies and drying edges which begin to curl inward i stand beneath the [...]

25 things that take my breath away

1.  peeking at my sleeping kids and giving them a final kiss for the day 2.  poetry...especially the everyday, free-form, non-rhyming kind 3.  mountains 4.  lakes, oceans, rivers 5.  the way the wind is blowing through our birch trees out back 6.  our birch trees out back 7.  autumn leaves dancing from tree to [...]

:: noticing the moments :: august style

this month, i'm playing along with two lovelies, susannah conway and tammy lee bradley. both have set up photo challenges for the month of august. freedom and play, no rules really. just creative connection with others, and oneself.  you can read about susannah's august break here and tammy's life in black and white here.  join me??   [...]

:: consider this ::

  it's friday.  hooray! a little inspirational image+quote for you, followed by a prompt.  to simply read.  to explore with words or paint.  to capture in a photograph of your own. to consider while you walk or sip or breathe.  take it.  allow it to seep into your consciousness.  go, dearest… now consider this:  **what [...]


so this is on my mind... how incredible amounts of energy are needed to hold back, to avoid, to deny {anything}.  and yet?  i find myself falling into that occasionally.  i hope awareness counts for something and that, as i grow older and wiser {oh, please, i hope i'm getting wiser}, i lean into gentle, [...]


what has passed is past what lies at your feet (at this very moment) this is your life the coffee, the laundry the crying baby, the ailing parent this is your now give it gentle attention celebrate (and forgive) the past in your heart allow space for future dreams, but the chair in which you sit, the [...]