settling into joy

winter months call for hot cocoa and so we oblige warming whole milk on the stove taking turns to stir adding cocoa, sugar, a dash of salt and when it's reached just the right temperature (because just-right temperature is key) we pour the chocolatey goodness into our mugs our mouths watering at this point some [...]

a tiny whisper {for you}

sometimes i forget and i need a delicate sprinkle of tiny whispers to remind me to begin again flipping through my journal yesterday, i came to these words which i wrote back in june.  and i thought to myself, yes.  i know this is my lesson right show up in my life, moving from [...]

it’s been a little crazy

things get crazy in life every now and then, don't they?  not necessarily bad...but crazy.  that's how the past couple of months have felt for me around here.  a tad bit on the crazy side.  between finishing up our homeschool work for the year, the kids' various activities, and just general life-stuff, i feel like [...]

oh, i was feeling it...the peace, the stillness, the quiet.  i felt it leading up to the holidays and during the holidays and then, wham.  yesterday happened.  there wasn't anything exceptional that needed doing.  there was schoolwork with the kids, cleaning, laundry, meals to prepare, ballet and basketball.  the usual.  but something shifted in me [...]


baking bread the other day, i paused to take this picture, knowing words would follow...something about returning to the practice of baking bread struck me.  i felt connected to the cups of flour, to the bread-in-the-making, to life.  i thought about always returning to these elemental bits of measurement.  i saw life reflected in this [...]