A Quiet Little Love Letter

Dear You, All I want to say today (right now) is to remember love. I've got people and things that occupy my mind.heart.time (as do you), but I often think about everyone else out there.  So many, in such need.  And then my stuff.questions.things feel frivolous.  Yes, a little bit. And yet, on those days when my … Continue reading A Quiet Little Love Letter

love notes :: an interview with jennifer belthoff

it is a pleasure today to introduce you to the very sweet jennifer belthoff.  while she attended fall squam 2012, as did i, it was not until after squam that we connected.  instagram, email, her love notes project.  it's amazing how technology can bring people together...i'm so happy it's crossed my path with jennifer's.  and … Continue reading love notes :: an interview with jennifer belthoff


i speak of truth and love come close the stories flow in whispers if you sit with me long enough i will spin tales of grace that will stir your soul and inspire you to tend the stories that are your own   sending a little love your way, m