{noticing the moments}

...taking some time to reflect upon my week... :: making love notes :: baking heart-shaped chocolate chip cookies :: crafting magic wands with my kids :: finding surprises while walking through the woods :: feeling the goodness of soft clay while taking a ceramics workshop with my kids :: looking around me and feeling so [...]

my abc’s right now

:: inspired by susannah's post last week :: a is for apples...especially fuji apples.  i cut apples for my children every day.  someday i know i'll miss this pre-dinner ritual. b is for books...i adore books.  even with iPads and kindles and nooks, there can still be no replacement for holding a book in my hands, feeling the weight [...]

{noticing the moments}

...taking some time to reflect upon my week... ::  early mornings outside with the rising sun...filling bird feeders; collecting sticks and pinecones for a project; the kids in jammies and boots ::  baking cookies...smelling them while they're baking...eating them ::  printing out this workbook from susannah conway; i journalled with her 2011 workbook and have been waiting for this 2012 version ::  cuddling [...]

december days

take a 10-year-old boy who is looking for a woodworking project and here is what you get. wait, we're not done yet... with creative vision and a little glue, the result is a rather lovely candle holder.  place a candle inside, scatter a few fresh greens around...and you also have a very proud and pleased boy.  i'm quite sure [...]

something to make :: spouted jar

one of my favorite uses for baking soda {besides baking} is cleaning cookware and scrubbing the kitchen sink .  straight baking soda works beautifully...simple and inexpensive.  i like to keep mine in a mason jar; it's a bit nicer than the original packaging {i.e., cardboard box}.  also, when wet hands reach under the sink to grab it, i don't [...]