:: Sometimes Mondays ::

An ongoing series of Monday snapshots and quiet reflections. Sometimes Mondays look very familiar.   ***** Did you catch my conversation with Jen Trulson?  Scroll down to enjoy some of her gentle wisdom {or click here}.  Today's the last day to enter her gorgeous giveaway.   ***** Did you register yet for Grounding for the [...]

Gratitude Week 2017 {Thank You}

I'll be posting just once as we begin our week together.  I’m sending out Gratitude Notes each day and I’ll be posting daily on Instagram, but here I’ll post just once.  I encourage you to leave comments and/or links to your own blog posts and/or links to Flickr shots or Instagram shots on any day of [...]

What Saves Me

Life requires attention.  We cannot just plow ahead and assume everything will fall into place neatly.  Sometimes that happens, sure.  But, mostly, I think it takes a little direction on our part. Case in point:  I have a new-ish system for keeping the house clean.  I do a little each day.  It’s a system I’ve [...]

:: Sometimes Mondays ::

Sometimes Mondays look like a little window gazing.   I also want to remind you that, if you haven't enjoyed my conversation with Bella yet, scroll down to visit her (and enter the giveaway!), or if you're reading via email, you can click right here. Sending a little love your way, m *** Have you [...]

:: Noticing the Moments ::

  Taking some time to reflect upon my week... :: the birch leaves turning, falling...days alternating between warm and cool :: green smoothies :: an unexpected package in the mail...a gift (a treasure) from a dear, dear friend (who's also a treasure) :: the lima bean plant she grew as part of a science project...it [...]

Delight at the Kitchen Sink

So many of us appreciate the little things.  I know this is true of me, and if you’re here in this space, I know it’s true of you.  Sometimes I forget though.  I get busy and weighed down by All That Needs Doing. I get lost in the flurry.   But then something will surprise me, [...]

:: Randoming ::

Some random things... Technology is a tricky thing. I see its pluses; I see its minuses. (on the plus side, here we are!) Though my kiddos are very different ages than Erin's, so many of her thoughts resonate and carry over regardless. And, on the technology note, this is really interesting. You are enough. How much do [...]

On Comfort and Learning What We Need

Sometimes in the doing, a certain rushing creeps in.  It’s not intended (the rushing) and maybe we think we’re doing fine (and maybe we are) but, sometimes, there comes a point when we pause and we wonder just how the crazy managed to creep in. I found myself at that point the other day.  Well, [...]

The Cantaloupe Was Delicious

Last week’s piece resonated with many of you, and I’m glad for that.  There were comments in this space, emails in my inbox, shares on the wider web.  Thank you for being here, for sharing this journey with me. As I think about the delicacies that run through our human experience on this Earth, I [...]