Some Things I Love

  The way the pup curls up in her bed so that, at a quick glance, I can’t tell where her feet or head begin or end. The way the washing machine swishes and swirls, makes our clothes-towels-sheets clean, just like that. The way mornings are quiet.  The way yoga feels like coming home. The [...]


yesterday there was a lot of ice.  and drizzle.  and grey. there was also warm tea.  and cocoa. yesterday there was math for the kiddos.  history.  writing.  a wee bit of science. all on a day when the local school district was closed due to ice. yes, poor kids...homeschooling.  ice isn't an issue. yesterday there [...]

oh, i was feeling it...the peace, the stillness, the quiet.  i felt it leading up to the holidays and during the holidays and then, wham.  yesterday happened.  there wasn't anything exceptional that needed doing.  there was schoolwork with the kids, cleaning, laundry, meals to prepare, ballet and basketball.  the usual.  but something shifted in me [...]