These words find me this week:  The remedy is within.  I copy them into my journal because they strike some chord.  I’m not looking for a remedy, per se, but am totally on board with something important being within, All and Everything, my truth, my truest self, layers of love and living.  Within, within, within.  I am a package, a … Continue reading within

ridiculously lovely

I am writing, writing, writing.  Lists and questions and rambling scribbles.  Which sounds rather friendly, don’t you think, rambling scribbles?  I like the sound of that, the freedom implied—at least to my ears, my eyes, my heart.  The freedom to carry on as long, or as short, as I like.  To write with abandon, messy or neat, little or big, insightful … Continue reading ridiculously lovely

It Begins with Freshly

Words of now.   Freshly showered.  Pink shirt.  Brown sweater, wool.  Pup.  Out, in.  Music (Christmas, because).  Tender.  Content.  Wondering.  Windy.  Clouds.  Some blue.  Hungry.  Quiet.  Candle, not lit.  Yarn.  Gift.  Desk.  Clutter.  Treasures.  Ring.  Circle.  Questions.  Confusion.  Possibility.  Hope.  Love.  More love. Waiting.  Connection.  Hesitant.  Confident.  Digging deep.  Books.  Poetry.  Words.  These words.  Heart.  Stretch.  … Continue reading It Begins with Freshly