Open (the book) (the window) (the heart)

While driving yesterday, I was having a conversation with my son about the importance of literature, the importance of reading it and (not always) analyzing it and gathering the kernels and ideas and inspirations.  And then...the dreaded (for him) written expression of that.  While he enjoys the reading, he dislikes (a lot) the writing part; [...]

:: Noticing the Moments ::

Taking some time to reflect upon my week... :: the pup snuggling with me as I patched old jeans :: chilly, chilly mornings and evenings...warm sunshine during the day :: soccer practices :: kindred conversations...the back and forth, the understanding, the nodding :: my daughter jumping from one sofa to the other (they're very old)...the [...]

I Am Inspired

There are my children, two who color my world and who carve, alongside me, a life I didn't know possible. There are the birds feeding on black sunflower seeds and the birches outside my window and they tell stories (the birds and the birches), secret ones for all who listen. There are the skies, sometimes blue sometimes [...]

A List of What I’m Feeling

Sometimes I don't know what to write.  I just know that I want to write.  Often I stumble through some loose stream-of-consciousness writing. Though there are days when the thought of getting all that on paper exhausts me...before I even start. And so I turn to lists.  Because they're immediate and they satisfy in a [...]

On Children Growing Fast and It Being Okay

She made homemade waffles and they jumped into their day.  Dipping toes gently into a new year of homeschool studies.  She was pleased. And then, the afternoon was upon them.  They drove to the public high school down the street and she dropped her fourteen year old son baby off for a Physics class. She watched him walk [...]

:: Noticing the Moments ::

Taking some time to reflect upon my week... :: playing with my Polaroid hard not to get overly precious with the (expensive) film...but I did it (was not precious) and I burned through two packs, snap (played with digital too) (obviously) :: I read this book (it was really good) ::  the stinkbugs are bothering my [...]