When a Mistake Becomes a Flower

I love when my kids remind me of important things.  Especially when it’s important as in this is how you might do life.   I recently bought a supply of  wite-out pens and I kind of love them.  So handy. While I don’t mind crossing things out when they change and need re-scheduling, it irks me [...]


they're really into dragons.  especially drawing and coloring them.  they've got a binder with plastic sleeves full of dragons.  all with individual names and powers.  i love that they do this together.  i love that they ask to use my "good" colored pencils.  and i love that they leave them spread out on the floor. [...]

:: noticing the moments ::

i used to do these [noticing the moments] posts at the end of the week,and i used to do them routinely.  but it's been a while, hasn't it?  and since i've got a new line-up for fridays, i thought i'd put one of these together for today.  whenever i write these posts, i end up [...]