Moving into a New Season

It’s the first day of autumn and I’m glad.  Glad for the turn of season and all that goes with it.  The sinking into rhythms with the kids, their schoolwork, their activities. The changing patterns of light in the sky and upon our tables and walls and hardwood floors.  The (intense) energy of summer days [...]


Unfurling. I brought some cosmos clippings indoors recently and, when the blooms began drooping, I prepared to toss them.  But then I noticed the buds (so many of them) on the stems.  They were wrapped in a nearly-transparent, waxy kind of flattened disc. How did I not notice this before?  Something about the waxiness, something about [...]

an interview with jessica amos

i first crossed paths with jessica in susannah conway's unravelling course a couple years ago.  jessica was a strong voice in the class and i remember feeling drawn to her.  a few months ago, we reconnected and it's been wonderful to watch her new project (of which you'll read below) take off.  she's an old [...]