the four of us in the yard with a spring sun upon our backs arms faces wheelbarrow and shovels and gloves dirtied hands and knees and the clearest of minds it is work no doubt but my heart feels playful content immensely satisfied moving through the yard and then the garden where dirt is loosed [...]

with boldness

movements of the day hold me where i need to be morning tea and freshly baked bread and schoolwork and housecleaning birds at the feeders which look nearly empty and i add this to my list lunch and dishes and then violin melodies fill the house, i sigh contentedly then pick up the dust rag again [...]


what has passed is past what lies at your feet (at this very moment) this is your life the coffee, the laundry the crying baby, the ailing parent this is your now give it gentle attention celebrate (and forgive) the past in your heart allow space for future dreams, but the chair in which you sit, the [...]

settling into joy

winter months call for hot cocoa and so we oblige warming whole milk on the stove taking turns to stir adding cocoa, sugar, a dash of salt and when it's reached just the right temperature (because just-right temperature is key) we pour the chocolatey goodness into our mugs our mouths watering at this point some [...]