A Tiny Bit of Quiet :: July 3

A quiet journaling series.  Read here to learn more about following along from June 19 – August 28. If you’re not changing, you’re not growing; you’re not being present.Change is essential.~ Maggie Rogers ~   Sometimes change is exciting, welcome, invigorating.  Sometimes change is uncomfortable, scary, anxiety-inducing.  Sometimes it’s a mix of all of that.  [...]

What You See Is What You Get

On the first of each month, I send Monthly Notes to the people on my mailing list.  Maintaining a newsletter is something I initially resisted, but it’s something I have grown to love.  I look forward to writing a letter each month and sharing that more intimate conversation with my readers.  While my Monthly Notes [...]

Finding Softness on the Hardwood Floor

Yesterday afternoon, I had a choice.  I could sit at my desk and get some work done. Or I could lay on the floor with my girl.  She was stretched out on the hardwood floor in a patch of sun and she said, "Now I know why K likes to lay here".  I wanted to be [...]

Will You Answer?

It's late afternoon as I type this and the sun streams through the window and there's tea with lemon, with sugar. There's my Polaroid camera and books and pens and sticks and things. I like things. And dinner needs fixing but the sunlight keeps me here a few minutes longer. I linger, not wanting to say much [...]

The Logic Behind Showing Up

I pulled out this book yesterday (which I love) (thanks, R, for pointing me in its direction) to re-read its dog-eared pages.  At the book's outset, Gail Sher outlines what she calls Four Noble Truths for writers.  The fourth one is this:  "If writing is your practice, the only way to fail is to not [...]

the practice of life

this week, i'm sharing a week-long journey of intention setting with some pretty lovely women.  and, so naturally, things like intention and practice are on my mind.  today, i shared with those gathered in the group how i love the word practice.  not practice makes perfect, but rather practice as engaging consistently in an act [...]

an interview with tara leaver…and a giveaway

today i'd like to introduce you to tara.  she and i can't quite remember where we first 'met'.  a blog led us to another blog perhaps, and eventually led us to discover each other.  isn't this so often how the interwebs work?  no matter, i'm keen on the work she does both artistically and spiritually [...]

a tiny whisper {for you}

sometimes i forget and i need a delicate sprinkle of tiny whispers to remind me to begin again flipping through my journal yesterday, i came to these words which i wrote back in june.  and i thought to myself, yes.  i know this is my lesson right now...to show up in my life, moving from [...]