Getting Quiet, Part 2

Last week, I wrote about getting quiet.  In one sense I was talking about the quiet that means the absence of sound (specifically, music and podcasts).  But at the end, if you noticed, I mentioned this: In our world, which is hyper-everything, it’s okay to skip the latest podcast recording (even the one that a [...]

begin again

i woke early, moved and breathed my way through yoga, made a cup of herbal tea.  my husband had already left for work, and the kids were {miraculously} still asleep.  i sat with the quiet, feeling its gentle presence move in me, around me, through me.  i watched the light, easing its way through windows, [...]

soothing whiteness

a bit of snow {and ice} covered our ground over the weekend.  not much, but enough to afford us a glimpse of white outside the windows...enough to create a surface for sledding in the backyard...enough to encourage enchantment. i'm quite taken with the thin layer of ice on our trees' branches.  i know the temperatures are rising...and the ice [...]