In the Still and in the Merry

I always feel quieter this time of year.  There's hustle and bustle around me, and I'm busy with holiday preparations myself.  But I also feel...quiet.  And decidedly not crazy.  I work (it takes conscious effort) to not succumb to the crazy at this time of year. There are stories out there about the perfect this [...]

:: noticing the moments ::

taking some time to reflect upon my week... :: with the celebration of memorial day in the united states on monday, we were afforded a bonus day with my husband {love that}...after a chilly weekend, monday evening was warm enough to eat outdoors...yes to al fresco dining :: hearing my kids' voices on the phone...they [...]

a gentle dance

these blooms, these petals...are fleeting.  but i am so enjoying their beauty right now.  all winter long, i have savored the bare branches against the winter sky.  and now i am  reveling in the beautiful colors against our spring sky.  the leaves are beginning to push their way through, and hues will shift from whites, [...]