an invitation

so many are on the hunt for joy and happiness and balance and just-rightness.  and i can't say i never look for that too.  but less so, as these days and weeks and years pass by.  i'm less for the hunt and more for the celebration of what is, which borders on sounding cliché, maybe...there's [...]

the stories

my story your story told each day in our movements and attitudes and general doings the story of a veggie wrap for lunch or hot cocoa with almond milk and spices for breakfast the story of kids kneeling in the dirt and digging a hole deep and wide for a blueberry bush the story of spring [...]

ten things, right now…

ten things, right now... 1. sourdough rolls baking in the oven 2. autumn leaves dancing outside my window 3. yo-yo ma on pandora 4. the pup and her pleading eyes...just a little more scratching behind the ear, please 5. a quieter-than-normal tuesday 6. mary oliver in my heart (this one, in particular) 7. socks, jeans, [...]

:: noticing the moments ::

taking some time to reflect upon my week... :: anticipation...the outcome is sometimes so sweetly satisfying :: swings in weather lately...appreciating cozy, rainy days on the sofa and crisp, windy days in the yard..all this following summer-like temps of 80+ degrees :: connecting with my husband and children :: moving through the murky waters of [...]


sometimes there's not much you can do except take a deep breath, feed the children, wash the dishes, and bake some fresh bread. mix ingredients.  knead ingredients.  bake ingredients.  
it's quite simple. it just requires time...time to mix, time to rise, time to bake, time to enjoy. a little metaphor for life perhaps.  i'm going to [...]

…an interview over at 52 photo projects

recently i was asked if i'd like to share a bit about myself and my photography over at 52 photo projects. well, yes, i'd enjoy that quite a bit... bella writes her own blog, she told stories, where she shares her lovely photos and written reflections.  she also runs 52 photo projects which is a [...]