:: Ten Things ::

Ten Things.  Right Now.

1.  the wind…it’s cold, but it feels so good…it lifts (branch, hair, spirit)
2.  the pup at my feet…her loyalty, her furriness, her unconditional love
3.  the sky…vast, open…covering, holding, reflecting
4.  the last of the leaves…falling…unpretentious, somehow regal
5.  my fleece jacket, my handknit hat, my son’s old gloves…so many kinds of warmth
6.  this pause…after the work…before more work
7.   anticipation of weekend visitors…happiness
8.  strength
9.  the end of a month…the beginning of another…the way it all flows along
10. this spot, beneath the birches…home


And you?  What is your right now??

Sending a little love your way, m


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You Can’t Plan ‘Now’…But You Can Do It

Often, during the week, I think of things I want to write about in this space.  Then, when the time comes to sit and write, I’m blank.  And I know…keep a notebook handy, jot the ideas down. Sometimes I do, but mostly not. This space (and much of my work) has become a reflection of right now, so that I find it hard to plan ahead.  I read articles and see downloadable schedules for mapping out blog posts.  It just doesn’t seem to work for me.  While there are certain pieces I can write ahead of time, mostly what I want to share here comes from whatever I’m doing or feeling or thinking now (or at least close to now).


It’s hard to plan now.


I find some comfort in that…in not being able to plan now. So why try?  Why force it?  This isn’t to say we can’t prepare for things and set ourselves up for success (I use that term loosely).  It isn’t to say we shouldn’t pack thoughtfully for a trip or map things out in a planner or keep an eye on the weather forecast.  Of course, planning has its place.  I, personally, love when things are mapped out and predictable.


Yet there is freedom in relinquishing a tight hold.  There is peace in releasing expectations for how we want everything (and everyone) to be. We cannot stay on top of every little thing; we cannot control every little thing (anything)….and, really, that’s exhausting.  Though we can be responsible and prepared, at a certain point, things will be as they will be.


Jumping from planning blog posts (or not planning, as the case may be) to not trying to control all facets of life is a pretty big leap.  But I trust that you’ll take my point.  There are times for planning and structuring.  And there are times (so many times) for going with the flow and simply being.


I don’t have answers to many of the questions flitting through my head.  But I do know one answer (if you can call it that), for me, is to take responsibility for tasks I know need doing (be it writing an e-course or scrubbing the toilet or making mac-n-cheese yet again) as well as to step back (or to the side) from time to time. It’s okay to let life happen.  Do what needs doing.  I’m not suggesting you shirk responsibilities.  But after your work is done (whatever that work may be), take your foot off the gas pedal.  Coast a little.  Breathe, deeply and slowly.


It’s hard to plan now.  And you know what?  It’s not really necessary.  What is necessary is living your now. Being in it while it’s happening. Easier said than done, I know. But possible.  Doable.


So do the doable.  Do your now.  Right now.


Sending a little love your way, m


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:: Ten Things ::

Ten things.  Right now.

1.  English Breakfast tea.  With maple syrup.  And a splash of cream.
2.  Takenobu on Pandora.
3.  Birds chirping.  Two cardinals hopping in the grass.
4.  A mist hanging over the backyard.  The sky, white.
5.  The birches dressed in green.  It happened seemingly overnight.
6.  Stretchy yoga pants.  Because Pilates will happen.
7.  Vague overwhelm.  Trying to talk myself back and down.  And center.
8.  Both kids still sleeping.
9.  The quiet.  The blessed quiet.
10. Wishing that cinnamon rolls were healthy.  Also wishing I had one.


What’s your right now like?

Sending a little love your way, m



Friday Gratitudes


It’s early on this Friday.  I’ve just had breakfast with my teen son; my daughter is still snuggled in her bed.  I sit at my desk as I write to you and there’s a draft from the window.  But my slippers help, and the fleece blanket, and my thick sweater.  The sky is just beginning to lighten, and I can see my birches.  (If you’ve been with me for a while, you know I love the birch trees outside my window.)  Their bare branches are busy twisting in the wind.  I know it’s cold out there, so cold.  Though we had temperatures in the sixties (Fahrenheit) on Wednesday, those temperatures dropped drastically yesterday.  And they’re holding.  I can feel the cold pressing against the window.  But the heater hums and the twinkle lights shine.  There’s freshly brewed coffee in my mug.  There’s a project on my desk into which I’ll dive soon, when the light of this day is fuller.  For now, I sit here on this Friday morning.  Feeling connected to my kids (one awake, one sleeping).  Feeling connected to the birch trees and the sky which lightens.  Feeling connected to the gratitude in my heart.  All of this.  Just this morning.  I can only imagine what the rest of the day will hold.

I wonder what your day will hold too…

Sending a little love your way, m


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:: Ten Things ::


Ten things.  Right now.

  1. See that sky?  That’s my sky, right now.  (well, a few minutes ago) (it was so beautiful) (and I wanted to share it with you)
  2. English Breakfast tea.  With coconut palm sugar.
  3. Christmas music.  Of course
  4. My worn, grey, wool sweater.  I wear it, um, almost all the time once winter arrives.
  5. Piles of things on my not-very-big desk.  Must tidy up.
  6. Despite the long list of to-do’s, there’s a feeling of peace within.  I like that very much.
  7. Thinking about the December Notes I sent out yesterday.  Thinking how much I like sending those.  Thinking about the way I move in this world.
  8. A belly that’s beginning to feel hungry.
  9. Hoping that my son wakes up without a sore throat this morning.
  10. Wanting to sit in the still-dim room once I click ‘publish’ on this post.  The house is quiet with both kids still sleeping.  Yes, I think I’ll do just that.  Sit.



What is your right now like?  It’s worth the pause.  I promise.

Sending a little love your way, m
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On a Cool September Morning


…and I’m back.

Back on a cool September morning, the sun rising and filling the corners of our home, the windows cracked and spreading coolness upon my toes.  Back with a cup of English Breakfast tea, sweetened with a touch of maple syrup (okay, a full tablespoon), a bit of milk.  Agnes Obel on Pandora.  A flickering candle on my desk. Back with patched jeans and a pale blue tee.  Two favorite rings, a circle pendant strung on leather cord, circle earrings, a band of beaded bracelets.  I’m having myself a moment.

I’m back from nowhere, really.  I’ve been here, just not here.  But this space and you dear readers have been on my mind.  I missed being here with you, but it was good too.  To press pause.  To grant myself a little space.

This morning, I woke up knowing that I wanted to share something here.  And as I came down the stairs, the house completely quiet, I was immediately seized with thoughts of what needed doing: start the laundry, empty the dishwasher, check the emails, make the grocery list, and All The Rest.  I did start the laundry, but then…I heated water in the kettle and squeezed fresh lemon juice into my mug.  And with hot lemon water in hand, I moved to my desk and lit the candle.  And I opened my journal and I moved my pen.  Across the page and through the tucks of my heart. First things first.

A little pause on this cool September morning.

And now I sit writing to you at my desk, and I hear the whirring of the washing machine in the background. There’s a crow cawing outside my window.  I’m watching for the juncos at the feeder.  The leaves of the birch trees sway ever so slightly.  Just a hint of movement.

It’s a cool September morning and I’m ready.  For today.  But first, a second cup of tea.


Sending a little love your way, m


Ten Things

Ten things, right now…

1.  red rooibos tea + almond milk + a red mug that reminds me of certain beautiful people
2.  Ben Howard on Pandora
3.  a list of to-do’s close by
4.  a glass of water close by too…I’m a good water drinker but lately I find myself succumbing to dehydration headaches…so I keep drinking even though I feel I might float away
5.  snow outside my window…dotted with bits of green and brown where yesterday’s rain made its mark
6.  nowhere to go until later this afternoon (so happy about that)
7.  the kitchen table…winter hats hanging on the chairs
8.  calling my daughter to start her math…but a certain sweet pup detains
9.  thinking about the lack of dinner prep today…take-out pizza is on the menu
10. wanting to curl up on the sofa with this book…but there is the aforementioned list calling my name…and so here I go

Sending a little love your way, m



It Begins with Mellow


Words of now.  In all honesty.
(I wanted to edit, but didn’t.)

Mellow.  Hot tea.  Fuzzy sweater.  Purple.  White chocolate (of which I’m not really a fan, but there’s no dark chocolate in the house, so there you go). Waiting. Procrastinating.  Overwhelmed (a wee bit).  (yet still) Managing. Quiet.  Content. Questions.  Truth.  Raw.  Wavering.  Excess (the white chocolate…I should have stopped halfway through).  Warmth.  Love.  Doubt. Strength.  Gratitude. Motherhood. Wisdom.  Muck.  Heart.  Intention.  Tears (not right now) (but strangely on my mind).  Red.  Grey sky.  Confidence (lack thereof).  Joy.  Dance.  Breath.

And you?  What are the words of your now??


Sending a little love your way, m


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I had a post typed up and I deleted it.  It didn’t feel right.  What is right anyway?  I suppose it’s whatever is.  At this very moment.

And so…I write to you about the grey sky.  And the bare branches leaning against that sky.  How a few leaves still cling to the branches…though not in desperation. No, these last leaves look comfortable.  Knowing.  They’ll drop when they’re ready.

And there is tea.  More and more tea these days as the temperatures drop and my body follows the quiet suit of nature.  There’s music playing.  And a pup sleeping.

My desk is cluttered.  I wear a favorite, worn sweater.  My heart is full and content. There are stressors, certainly.  But mostly it’s me and the sky and the branches and the tea and the sweater and the music and the (full) heart.

And this moment just feels right.


What feels right for you?

Sending a little love your way, m


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Ten Things {and Happy New Year}


I wasn’t sure how to jump back in here.  With the start of the new year, I was feeling like I should do something, you know, special to begin again in this space.  But what I really feel like doing right now is writing a list.  When I worry too much about what someone else might be thinking {and when they’re most like not thinking anything of the sort}, I’ve learned to return to my now.  And so here is my now.  In ten.

1.  Listening to Sean Hayes
2.  Looking at the sun shining on the grass and trees and crows
3.  Thinking I must get outside {it’s so cold so maybe not} {but that’s what winter coats and hats and mittens are for, yes?}
4.  Sipping Earl Grey tea
5.  Feeling relieved that there are leftovers for dinner {homemade stuffed shells}
6.  Feeling grateful that schoolwork is finished for today and now we will just play
7.  Not loving that the kids are playing video games {but everything in moderation, I remind myself}
8.  Knowing that transitions beg patience {our winter break was so nice and I wish it hadn’t ended quite yet}
9.  Wondering what all those crows out back are thinking right now
10. Admitting that raising my voice earlier was not the best choice and forgiving myself and intending to open my heart just a little bit wider next time


And what about you?  What does your now look like?
Also, Happy New Year to you…

Sending a little love your way, m