Things That Are Supporting Me

A few things that have supported me this week…   :: lots of walks…the crisp, autumn air (finally!)…the leaves, the breeze :: meditation :: lighting candles…at my desk, during meals :: soup…I am craving soups of all kinds :: a good, long chat with a good friend...(and we had soup) :: my daughter made me [...]

:: Randoming ::

Some random things... Here is a children’s book celebrating the joy that is/was a part of the Women’s March.  I especially love his response to how men can best support women. Give this a watch.  Happiness, or some approximation thereof. The tragedies occurring in schools leave me with a heavy heart.  Read this letter, written [...]

A List of What I’m Feeling

Sometimes I don't know what to write.  I just know that I want to write.  Often I stumble through some loose stream-of-consciousness writing. Though there are days when the thought of getting all that on paper exhausts me...before I even start. And so I turn to lists.  Because they're immediate and they satisfy in a [...]

gratitude week :: day 5

november 15, 2013 i am grateful. ::  sometimes remembering to appreciate that we even have laundry to fold ::  a dose of self-care as i get words onto paper each day…even if it's just one sentence ::  the space on my bathroom sink which holds flowers or random treasures ::  a brisk walk with the best kids [...]


last month i wrote about self-care over at makings of motherhood.  i wrote about how i'm working to find little ways to take care of myself throughout the day.  yes, there's the necessary exercise, healthy eating, rest.  but i'm intently curious to explore random acts of kindness that i can bestow upon myself.  five minutes [...]