:: Ten Things ::

Ten things.  Right now.  second cup of coffee…bitter, sweet, warm  quiet music  a grey sky outside my window  my daughter working quietly on her schoolwork in the dining room  my fuzzy sweater, my slippers…comfort  the glorious space on my (now clean) desk  the whole day just waiting for me  motherhood…always with me, always a part [...]

Rain and Coffee

There’s rain and there’s coffee. There’s grey sky and there’s work. There’s clutter and there’s a clear desk. There’s laundry and there’s clean clothing. There’s breakfast and there’s lunch (and then there’s dinner). There’s yesterday and there’s today. There’s truth and there’s more truth. There’s love and there’s compassion. There’s one thing and there’s another. [...]

Will You Answer?

It's late afternoon as I type this and the sun streams through the window and there's tea with lemon, with sugar. There's my Polaroid camera and books and pens and sticks and things. I like things. And dinner needs fixing but the sunlight keeps me here a few minutes longer. I linger, not wanting to say much [...]