Getting Quiet, Part 1

The other day, I was working in the yard and I popped my phone in my vest pocket, thinking I might listen to music or a podcast.  I never pulled it out of my pocket.  I went for a walk yesterday and, again, thought about listening to music or a podcast.  I left my phone [...]

:: Sometimes Mondays ::

An ongoing series of Monday snapshots and quiet reflections. Sometimes Mondays look like a pretty new watering can.   ***A note to remind you that registration is open for the next round of Just 5 Things. We’ll be playing with creative list making…part fun, part soulful. All doable. Will you join us? Click here to [...]

on wheelbarrows and finding silence

the wheelbarrow is getting a lot of use around here.  there is a pile of mulch at the top of our driveway...a pile which seems to be frozen in its immensity despite the seemingly endless shoveling of mulch into said wheelbarrow.  after this weekend {which involved a lot of shoveling and wheelbarrowing} i finally feel like [...]