the stories

my story your story told each day in our movements and attitudes and general doings the story of a veggie wrap for lunch or hot cocoa with almond milk and spices for breakfast the story of kids kneeling in the dirt and digging a hole deep and wide for a blueberry bush the story of spring [...]

an interview with jessica amos

i first crossed paths with jessica in susannah conway's unravelling course a couple years ago.  jessica was a strong voice in the class and i remember feeling drawn to her.  a few months ago, we reconnected and it's been wonderful to watch her new project (of which you'll read below) take off.  she's an old [...]

{noticing the moments}

...taking some time to reflect upon my week... ::  early mornings outside with the rising sun...filling bird feeders; collecting sticks and pinecones for a project; the kids in jammies and boots ::  baking cookies...smelling them while they're baking...eating them ::  printing out this workbook from susannah conway; i journalled with her 2011 workbook and have been waiting for this 2012 version ::  cuddling [...]