Time {and a summer hiatus}

I sat at her kitchen table and she poured me some wine.  The kids were in and out of the house, up and down the stairs.  She and I stayed in that spot for three hours, though our stories carried us through decades and across continents.  That's an afternoon I can get down with. Summer [...]

:: Noticing the Moments ::

Taking some time to reflect upon my week... :: playing with my Polaroid camera...so hard not to get overly precious with the (expensive) film...but I did it (was not precious) and I burned through two packs, snap (played with digital too) (obviously) :: I read this book (it was really good) ::  the stinkbugs are bothering my [...]

blurring of lines

well, a new year of school has begun around here.  homeschool style.  day one held pancakes for breakfast and an afternoon swim, with some math and science thrown in for good measure.  starting slow and steady. over the weekend, we headed to the office supply store for some new pencils, a few notebooks, glue, pens. [...]

playful surrender

our toes wriggle in the sand grains of warmth digging holes, piling mounds feet run down to water's edge waves lap the toes then tumble on and around our legs splashing bellies, arms, chests, faces and our eyes twinkle with joy reflect the light of the sun breezes blow through our hair lightly whipping our [...]


the other day we visited good friends who we've not seen in months.  the kids played; the mamas chatted.  it's so good to catch up, to settle in right where you left off. during our visit, we picked blueberries that were gorgeous and plump.  they hung in clumps from the branches, beautiful clusters...hues ranging from [...]