Ten Things

Ten things, right now... 1.   Kathleen Edwards on Pandora 2.   Iced peppermint tea 3.   Tank top, cuffed jeans, bare feet 4.   Loose and relaxed muscles...I just did a little yoga 5.   Sunshine out the window...though we were expecting rain 6.   My daughter crunching on a Pink Lady apple 7.   Yellowing leaves [...]

Stinkbugs and an Open Heart

This beautiful sunflower burst into bloom, I swear, the day after I posted this. So even though the stinkbugs are frequenting my garden and are destroying my tomatoes (yes, it's true. From the Alabama A&M and Auburn Universities:  These critters feed on developing fruit by inserting their mouthpart into the fruit to feed. The symptoms [...]

Three Were Enough

We stepped outside yesterday morning to visit the flowers.  My son was snuggled in bed reading so it was just she and I.  And the pup.  The air was heavy, humid.  The grass, freshly mown the day before, was wet with dew and clung to our flip-flopped feet. I wanted to make photographs, but I [...]

desire {a.k.a. flowers}

i've had gardens in years past...gardens that produced greens and squashes and peppers and such.  it was pretty great to gather and then enjoy the harvest.  but the past few seasons have left me feeling depleted, deflated, defeated.  the deer and stink bugs eating what they shouldn't, my kids not eating what they should.  this [...]