:: Sometimes Mondays ::

An ongoing series of Monday snapshots and quiet reflections. Sometimes Mondays look like first light and first words and a cup of green tea. _____ Registration for a new run of Just Five Things is open.  Ten days of creative list making.  It's a class that's accessible and fun.  And soulful.  Will you join us? [...]

:: noticing the moments ::

taking some time to reflect upon my week... :: it's been cold and windy this week...but there are buds on the trees and bulbs blooming on the ground :: seeing these words Words and Photography by Michelle GD printed {yes, printed!} in this special publication :: easter hopscotch :: spending time with friends...chocolate milk for [...]

my abc’s right now

:: inspired by susannah's post last week :: a is for apples...especially fuji apples.  i cut apples for my children every day.  someday i know i'll miss this pre-dinner ritual. b is for books...i adore books.  even with iPads and kindles and nooks, there can still be no replacement for holding a book in my hands, feeling the weight [...]

{noticing the moments}

...taking some time to reflect upon my week... ::  early mornings outside with the rising sun...filling bird feeders; collecting sticks and pinecones for a project; the kids in jammies and boots ::  baking cookies...smelling them while they're baking...eating them ::  printing out this workbook from susannah conway; i journalled with her 2011 workbook and have been waiting for this 2012 version ::  cuddling [...]