Open (the book) (the window) (the heart)

While driving yesterday, I was having a conversation with my son about the importance of literature, the importance of reading it and (not always) analyzing it and gathering the kernels and ideas and inspirations.  And then...the dreaded (for him) written expression of that.  While he enjoys the reading, he dislikes (a lot) the writing part; [...]

On Children Growing Fast and It Being Okay

She made homemade waffles and they jumped into their day.  Dipping toes gently into a new year of homeschool studies.  She was pleased. And then, the afternoon was upon them.  They drove to the public high school down the street and she dropped her fourteen year old son baby off for a Physics class. She watched him walk [...]


i went upstairs to get something and ended up coming back downstairs for my camera. because look at this light, these planets, this sweet bit of little boy hanging from the ceiling of my newly-teenage boy.  heart tug. i'm forever grateful for the life that i live right now.  we have our share of ups [...]