:: Ten Things ::

Ten Things.  Right Now. 1.  the wind…it’s cold, but it feels so good…it lifts (branch, hair, spirit) 2.  the pup at my feet…her loyalty, her furriness, her unconditional love 3.  the sky…vast, open…covering, holding, reflecting 4.  the last of the leaves…falling…unpretentious, somehow regal 5.  my fleece jacket, my handknit hat, my son’s old gloves…so many [...]

:: Ten Things ::

Ten things.  Right now. 1.  English Breakfast tea.  With maple syrup.  And a splash of cream. 2.  Takenobu on Pandora. 3.  Birds chirping.  Two cardinals hopping in the grass. 4.  A mist hanging over the backyard.  The sky, white. 5.  The birches dressed in green.  It happened seemingly overnight. 6.  Stretchy yoga pants.  Because Pilates will [...]

:: Ten Things ::

Ten things.  Right now. See that sky?  That's my sky, right now.  (well, a few minutes ago) (it was so beautiful) (and I wanted to share it with you) English Breakfast tea.  With coconut palm sugar. Christmas music.  Of course My worn, grey, wool sweater.  I wear it, um, almost all the time once winter arrives. [...]

Ten Things

Ten things, right now... 1.   Kathleen Edwards on Pandora 2.   Iced peppermint tea 3.   Tank top, cuffed jeans, bare feet 4.   Loose and relaxed muscles...I just did a little yoga 5.   Sunshine out the window...though we were expecting rain 6.   My daughter crunching on a Pink Lady apple 7.   Yellowing leaves [...]

ten things…plus three

lately, i've taken to making lists in my journal.  ten things, whatever comes to mind at that particular time when i'm sitting with pen in hand.  sometimes gratitude, sometimes complaint...always observation, noting, acceptance. here's my list just now. ten things. 1.   hot cup of tea.  earl grey.  decaf.  almond milk.  maple syrup. 2.   music [...]

ten things {and a giveaway}

ten things, dessert. 1.   boston cream pie 2.   chocolate pudding 3.   apple pie 4.   pumpkin pie 5.   mint chocolate chip ice cream 6.   dark chocolate 7.   chocolate chip cookies 8.   brownies 9.   chewy molasses spice cookies 10. pound cake with fresh berries yum. today marks the [...]