25 Things I Love About Winter

1.  fires in the fireplace 2.  lighting more candles 3.  lots of hot tea 4.  hot cocoa {marshmallows for the kids} 5.  the quiet, grey skies 6.  the blue skies which appear just when i need them 7.  wool sweaters 8.  mittens {still loving my new ones} 9.  boots 10.  snow...because, otherwise, what's the point of [...]

:: Sometimes Mondays ::

Sometimes Mondays look like a third {or fourth} cup of hot tea because one just can't seem to shake the day's grey chill. Sending a little love your way, m   Part of an ongoing {I think} series of Monday snapshots.  Quiet reflections. And I just might ask some of you to join me in [...]

Killer Toes {and a giveaway}

Her toes kill me.  There's snow on the ground and she wears no socks...I don't get it.  But they're still tiny, and that kills me too.  Sometimes I wonder if, in some way, she knows just how much I love her toes and that's why she runs about the house year round without socks. Do [...]

:: noticing the moments ::

taking some time to reflect upon my week... :: lots of snow play around here this week...some of us made {literally} new friends...meet fred :: it's been a while since i've read a novel...sinking into this one :: sharing within the digital pages of sprout magazine...did i tell you i'll be a regular contributor there? [...]

settling into joy

winter months call for hot cocoa and so we oblige warming whole milk on the stove taking turns to stir adding cocoa, sugar, a dash of salt and when it's reached just the right temperature (because just-right temperature is key) we pour the chocolatey goodness into our mugs our mouths watering at this point some [...]