ten things, right now…

ten things, right now... 1.  snow falling (a happy sigh about that) 2.  the pup (who loves the snow) going in and out...but the constant in and out means constant toweling off…and it's getting a little old (and it's only 7:52 in the morning) 3.  a warm cup of tea 4.  children busy with schoolwork…soon [...]

{noticing the moments}

...taking some time to reflect upon my week... :: loving the bare branches of trees against the winter sky...for as long as i can remember, i have always loved this... :: heart-to-heart conversations :: green smoothies :: the hugs and kisses i receive *every* day hoping you enjoyed some special moments in your week too... sending a [...]

my winter sycamores

i'm feeling a bit prickly these last few days.  and i keep thinking about the winter branches around me this time of year...feeling a bit bare like them. these sycamore trees are on the property of our neighbors, and they bring me joy.  when i'm out on a walk with my kids or when i drive down the street to our home, i [...]

magic indeed

there is much i love about the christmas season...fresh greens hanging about, lights sparkling up and down stairs and adorning porches and entryways, gifts lovingly wrapped and hiding secrets within...it is a bit of magic, i think.  and while this holiday business can be overdone, it can also be lovely and so very wonderful. on christmas [...]