It Begins with Freshly

Words of now.   Freshly showered.  Pink shirt.  Brown sweater, wool.  Pup.  Out, in.  Music (Christmas, because).  Tender.  Content.  Wondering.  Windy.  Clouds.  Some blue.  Hungry.  Quiet.  Candle, not lit.  Yarn.  Gift.  Desk.  Clutter.  Treasures.  Ring.  Circle.  Questions.  Confusion.  Possibility.  Hope.  Love.  More love. Waiting.  Connection.  Hesitant.  Confident.  Digging deep.  Books.  Poetry.  Words.  These words.  Heart.  Stretch.  [...]

It Begins with Rain

Words of now.  In all honesty.  (no editing)   Rain.  Rain.  Rain.  Violin.  Pup.  Grocery list.  Grey.  Sweater.  Ring.  Quiet.  Hum. Clean.  Tired.  Questions.  Always.  Wood.  Start.  Here.  Water.  Pen.  Tickle. Poem.  Circles.  Shadows.  Faith.  Self.  Others.  Truth.  Home.  Projects. Conversation.  Apricity (my daughter taught me that word the other day and I am smitten [...]

It Begins with Violin

Words of now.  In all honesty. Violin.  Viola.  Beauty.  Resistance.  Persistence.  Preparation.  Design. Architecture. Color.  Presentation.  Kids.  Windows.  Green.  Bare feet.  Sunlight.  Swing.  Quiet (even while the violin and viola play).  Clutter. Confusion.  Clarity.  Questions.  Heart. Ceiling fan.  Spinning.  Pigtails. Shadows.  Reach.  Afternoon.  Expectation.  Release. Hover.  Dive.  Be. What are your words of now? Sending [...]