Just before class, I step outside to gather bits of nature, a last-minute inspiration.  Red and orange zinnias, a few yellow birch leaves, wispy sprigs of cosmos.  I spritz the clippings, place them in a bag, and to the bag I add a jar of acorn tops, candles, a collection of smooth rose quartz stones.  It’s the Autumnal … Continue reading equinox

stillness within movement

not every morning...because sometimes i feel the need to sleep any extra minutes that i can...but most mornings, i bring myself to my yoga mat.  the first thing i do is sit very still...eyes closed...and breathe.  breathing, whether consciously practiced while sitting or consciously coordinated with yoga poses, is powerful. noting the breath moving through … Continue reading stillness within movement

{52 photo projects…nourish}

joining bella's 52 photo projects... the prompt for this week was a choice of prompts re-visited from past weeks.  i chose week 1...nourish.   most mornings find me sitting on these blankets, eyes closed, breathing deeply.  after a short pranayama practice, i move through a few yoga poses.  gently...because i'm generally still sleepy.  there are … Continue reading {52 photo projects…nourish}


clarity.  as defined by merriam-webster, clarity is the quality or state of being clear. finishing my yoga practice yesterday morning, i sat with eyes closed, hands held in front of my heart.  i sat in stillness, allowing a word - an intention - to come to me.  i do this most days.  it's a practice that i find brings me … Continue reading clarity