:: Noticing the Moments ::

Taking some time to reflect upon my week…
:: the pup snuggling with me as I patched old jeans

:: chilly, chilly mornings and evenings…warm sunshine during the day

:: soccer practices

:: kindred conversations…the back and forth, the understanding, the nodding


:: my daughter jumping from one sofa to the other (they’re very old)…the giggles, the freedom

:: the kids making these cookies (a favorite in this house)…with subtle reminders, they even washed the dishes

:: the morning light streaming into our home

656morning light

:: making time to write in my journal…finally

:: cleaning the house…i dislike cleaning (a lot)…but so satisfying afterwards

:: the cosmos putting forth new blooms…still…they continue to teach me


And how was your week?

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Sending a little love your way, m



Because Cookies


Wednesdays are typically very busy days for us.  Yesterday was no exception, except I had an unexpected window of time in the morning.  And do you know what I did?  I made cookies.  Yes, I did.

Because it was a dark and rainy morning.
Because it was so cozy inside.
Because there was quiet music playing.
Because I got over myself after an argument with my son.
Because I wanted something sweet.
Because I knew my children would want that too.
Because I wanted to try a new recipe. **
Because I could have cleaned the bathroom…but cookies, folks, cookies.
Because everything in moderation.
Because peanut butter chocolate chip oatmeal.

You understand, don’t you?

Sending a little love your way, m

** A little note:  I didn’t grind the oatmeal (because I didn’t read the recipe fully before baking) and I didn’t chill the dough (because I didn’t read the recipe fully before baking).  And they were still delicious.



I Am Inspired


There are my children, two
who color my world
and who carve, alongside me,
a life I didn’t know possible.

There are the birds feeding on black sunflower seeds
and the birches outside my window
and they tell stories (the birds and the birches), secret ones
for all who listen.

There are the skies, sometimes blue sometimes grey
and the cosmos zinnias sunflowers
and when those have laid to rest
I turn my eyes upward to the poetry of bare branches.

There is the kindness of both strangers and
people near and dear, and all of it
stirs my heart and makes me believe
good things for our world.

to my children and the birds and the birches
to the stories and the skies and the poems
to the kindnesses extended
yes to this life and this world.


Sending a little love your way, m

*inspired by Just Five Things and the women gathered.


A List of What I’m Feeling


Sometimes I don’t know what to write.  I just know that I want to write.  Often I stumble through some loose stream-of-consciousness writing. Though there are days when the thought of getting all that on paper exhausts me…before I even start.

And so I turn to lists.  Because they’re immediate and they satisfy in a way that pages of longhand never can.  Concise.  To the point.  Right to the heart. No mess and no fanfare.  And yet…showing up.  Because we have got to show up.

Next week I’m running Just Five Things again.  And I can’t wait.  Because I love lists. Writing without censure. Welcoming the words that come.  Today, I share a list with you.  Because I’m unsure what to write.  I just know that I want (need) to write.

Five Things I Feel Right Now
1.  Guilt.  My daughter requested I make Irish soda bread and I have a very small window of time at present.  Do I make the bread or do I sit and write?  I choose to write.  And I know it’s the best choice (that I’m the best choice right now), but the guilt still.creeps.in.
2.  The warm sunshine falling onto my desk.  Warm.  Comforting.
3.  Contentment.  The kids are in classes right now.  Learning.  I have an hour to myself.  I am also learning (to sometimes choose me).
4.  The rush of cold air on my flip-flopped feet as the air conditioning kicks on.
5.  Excitement.  I’m not sure about what exactly.  But I feel it.  I welcome it.
Bring it, I say.

So, tell me, if you please…what are you feeling right now?

Sending a little love your way, m

Registration for Just Five Things is open through the end of this week.  10 days of creative list making.  10 days to enjoy a playful writing practice.  10 days to explore and enjoy community.  Click here for details and registration. We begin Monday. Join us as we get it down.  Without censure.



An Interview + A Giveaway {Cory Sipper}

Today we’re visiting with someone who’s been here before…the very wonderful Cory Sipper. Last time we learned about her sewn sketches (you can read that interview here). This time, Cory talks about her music, her just-do-it attitude, and her newly released album.  Here we go…

656cory promo 6
photo credit Brad Kaz

As a creative mama myself, I find it challenging to weave my creative work into that of my family and home. Can you share a bit about how you honor your musical passions while also tending to those you love?

I just do it…like most things in my life. In fact “Just Do It” is my mantra. My kids are used to me practicing my music, writing music and working on the computer. Of course it’s easier when school is in session, because then I have the time to work while they are there. But my husband and I are both artists, and both self-employed, and it’s all my kids know. Ultimately my kids are used to doing a lot of crafting on their own. A glue gun goes a long way!

Do you have any rituals surrounding your music writing? Or do you grab paper/pencil/guitar when inspiration strikes and just get it down quick?

I usually sit down with an intent to write. Inspired or not. Sometimes the creativity happens and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes I have to work harder. Sometimes it comes easier, like it’s “sent” through me. That’s always fun and something most artists can relate to at some point in their lives- the feeling of being channeled, for lack of a better word.

Does being a mother inspire your music?

Being a happy wife and mother has inspired some songs, like “Big Love” off my new album. Ultimately I’m inspired by life itself. Its joys and struggles.

Can you share one or two things you learned (about the music biz, the creative process, yourself…whatever comes to mind) in the process of writing and producing your new album, “Make Your Magic”?

Oh. So much. And there is so much I’m still learning now and always. It’s an incredibly hard business, so I guess ultimately my learning is in staying with it, going with the flow and riding the waves. The writing is very easy for me. It’s the business part that is painfully hard. So- in answer to your question- what have I learned….to keep going. Forging onward. That is my ongoing lesson.

Now a few fun ones…
What was your favorite thing you did this summer?

Our one and only vacation- a two day tent camping trip we took to Montana De Oro – near San Luis Obispo, CA.

When was the last time you laughed?

I laugh everyday. Even when I have a shitty day I usually laugh at some point. My husband and my relationship runs on humor and I’m in general a very irreverent person.

Are you currently reading a book? If so, what is it? 

I AM! People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks. I read to get myself to fall asleep.

If you close your eyes right now, what word comes to mind?

Shelter. I don’t know why- but that’s the word that came to mind. I’ll have to meditate on why that might be.

album cover photo credit Brad Kaz
[album cover] photo credit Brad Kaz
And now for the giveaway…
Cory is generously giving away a CD of “Make Your Magic”.  I’ve listened to my copy many (many) times and I’ll tell you that it’s really (really) good. Knowing what a sweet lady Cory is, then listening to her voice and lyrics…well, here’s your chance to see what I mean.  Leave a comment below if you’d like to enter the giveaway.  Maybe tell us your favorite song right now or one from college or high school days.  Or maybe just say hello.  Comments will close at midnight PST on Monday, September 14. The randomly-selected winner will be announced here in this post on Tuesday, September 15.

I hope you enjoyed this chat with Cory as much as I did.  Thanks to Cory for being here with us.  Now leave a comment for your chance to win her beautiful CD…  Comments for the giveaway are now closed.  The winner is Grace!  (I’ll be sending you a email, Grace.)  Thanks to all who played along!

Sending  a little love your way, m


300coryCory Sipper has been writing and performing songs since the tender age of 13.  She has four critically acclaimed albums out and her fifth “Make Your Magic” was released in May, 2015.  Cory’s songs and voice have been used in hundreds of TV shows, films and commercials over the years, both nationally and internationally.  After a 10 year break from actively releasing albums, Cory is now excited about the release of “Make Your Magic”, playing live shows and connecting with her fans. Cory lives in Goleta, CA.
You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram.


A quick reminder that registration is open for Just Five Things.  10 days of creative list making.  10 days to enjoy a playful writing practice.  10 days to explore and enjoy community.  Click here for details and registration.