:: noticing the moments ::

taking some time to reflect upon my week…

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:: a slight love affair with the tomatoes coming in…if you follow me on instagram, you know the story

:: french toast for dinner

:: the kids making movies

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:: this book…so hard to put it down when the day’s doings are, well, doing

:: a week of quiet days…so nice after the busyness {and fun-ness} of last week

:: contentment as i make things…this, a card for our anniversary

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:: contentment as i write this…it feels good

:: the sunflowers…taller than i, bigger than my face…even though i’m in love with the tomatoes this week, don’t think i’ve forgotten the flowers

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and how was your week?  i’d love to hear.  we all would…

sending a little love your way, m



weaving hands and stillness


there was a road trip.  with the kids.  we three, visiting friends and family.
food and conversation and kids painting pottery and making movies and swimming.
there was familiarity.  and fun.

and now we are home.
and there is bread baking in the oven, which you know always soothes me.
there is familiarity.  and ease.

my life isn’t perfect.  i face challenges, like you.
but i know my life is really good.
i know it’s full in so many ways.

there are squabbles and bills to pay and hard questions to ask.
but there are also lunches with freshly baked bread and grapes and asiago cheese.
there are memories of cousins and friends and grandparents, aunts, uncles.

and there are car rides with windows wide open, the fresh air of back roads close to home.
there is my daughter leaning her head out the window, eyes closed to the wind, smiling.
her hand and her brother’s hand out respective windows, weaving in the wind.

this week, that week.  last week, next week.
all filled with moments and memories.  with life.
i want to live with my hand weaving in the wind out my window.

i want to soar with the wind.
because in that soaring
i think i find stillness.


always a little love, m



:: consider this ::

a little inspirational image + quote for you, followed by a prompt.  to simply read.  to explore with words or paint.  to capture in a photograph of your own. to consider while you walk or sip or breathe.  take it.  allow it to seep into your consciousness.  go, dearest…


now consider this:  **are you growing love?**


sending a little love your way, m



the sedum


the autumn sedum outside my window
green buds begin
soon to turn a dusty
and i watch them with pleasure
as they plump and assert themselves
observe their rhythm
season after season and
i consider how
alike we are
the sedum and me
the sedum and you
cycling and plumping
though dreams and cadence
turning dusty
and pink


sending a little love your way, m



:: noticing the moments :: august style

this month, i’m playing along with two lovelies, susannah conway and tammy lee bradley. both have set up photo challenges for the month of august. freedom and play, no rules really. just creative connection with others, and oneself.  you can read about susannah’s august break here and tammy’s life in black and white here.  join me??


taking some time to reflect upon my week…

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:: this window…as i climb the stairs…the trees, the sky

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:: these two + me…my days and some nights…everything

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:: even this…the familiar and constant rhythm…the privilege of this not lost on me


i hope your week was full of good things.  and if your week was full of lousy things, i hope the shift is coming soon.

sending a little love your way, m