last week

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so there was a lake in our life last week.

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the {tiny} house in which we stayed had forty-seven steps leading down to the lake.  at the base of those steps, on our {tiny} rocky beach, there were boats for us to use…a rowboat, kayaks, a canoe.  we paddled a lot.  i’ve got blisters on my thumbs to prove it.

i always enjoy our family vacations.  but this one…well, it was actually relaxing and restful. like for real.  i suppose it helps that the kids are getting a little older. but it also helped that pretty much all there was to do was boat or fish or skip rocks or read.  we hiked one day, but mostly we were on the water {only in it one day, as it was chilly} or curled in a chair reading. it was quiet.  quiet, i tell you.

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and as if the relaxing family time and the lake and the hills and the clouds and the wind {i do love wind} weren’t enough, on top of that i met a dear online friend {and her almost-one-year old with the cutest ever curls atop his head} for coffee.

yes, it was a good week.

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it feels good to be home now.  it’s good to be away, but it’s good to return too…i like both parts.  the week away was exactly what we needed.  and i am more than a {tiny} bit grateful.

i hope your week was a good one too.

sending a little love your way, m



25 things that take my breath away


1.  peeking at my sleeping kids and giving them a final kiss for the day
2.  poetry…especially the everyday, free-form, non-rhyming kind
3.  mountains
4.  lakes, oceans, rivers
5.  the way the wind is blowing through our birch trees out back
6.  our birch trees out back
7.  autumn leaves dancing from tree to ground
8.  snowflakes dancing from sky to ground
9.  sitting on the screened porch with my husband and twinkle lights
10. my kids
11. motherhood
12. the way bread dough rises
13. key lime pie
14. music
15. art
16. deep friendships
17. forests
18. the way a seed grows into a flower, vegetable, tree
19. tears
20. silence
21. my husband kissing our kids
22. hawaii
23. truth
24. knowing that the sky over me is also over you
25. this life…seriously


i’ll be away from this space next week as i enjoy a vacation with my family.
see you soon and be good to you.

sending a little love your way, m



inspired by bethany and her beautiful list.





from the weekend


we ate breakfast in shifts
bought groceries together
and moved throughout our day
some playing out
some playing in
me, a walk with the dog
and later
the smell of roasting tomatoes
and bacon
because there was bacon too
and a novel-made-movie which called us
to the sofas and pillows and
because there was softness too
between meals and conversations and doings
which held our hands and authored our stories
because we said yes


sending a little love your way, m





we made these cookies yesterday.  yum.

i keep listening to this. {thanks, e}

i took an extended mish-mash class with deb last year.  super fun.  she’s awesome and i love her.  check out her next offering which runs one week, september 1-7.  hurry…it’s almost september 1!

also awesome and someone else i love is tara.  she’s got a fantastic e-course, creative spark, beginning september 15.  read about it here.  seriously fantastic.  yep.

this article.  you should know:  swearing present; very long.  also:  worth reading every word + the follow-up post {which can be found by clicking on link at end of article.}

enjoying this tea lately.

wanting to make these.

this article too. {thanks, alisha}

i really love this project.  i’m all signed up.  are you??


have a great weekend, everyone!
sending a little love your way, m



blurring of lines


well, a new year of school has begun around here.  homeschool style.  day one held pancakes for breakfast and an afternoon swim, with some math and science thrown in for good measure.  starting slow and steady.

over the weekend, we headed to the office supply store for some new pencils, a few notebooks, glue, pens.  we didn’t need new pencils, but i let the kids pick some new ones out because, well, can one have too many mechanical pencils?  or sparkly pencils?  i think not.  my daughter wrote a note to her cousin yesterday telling her that we’d been to the art supply store.  i loved that blurring of lines.  art supply store, office supply store…they’re both so good, yes? and, while sunday was a no-school/official summer day and monday was an official yes-school/sort-of summer day, it felt pretty much the same.  true, there was actual schoolwork done one day and not the other.  and my kids will grumble about schoolwork…make no mistake about that!  but there’s a certain blur between our summer days and our rest-of-the-school-year days.  and i like that.

this will be our ninth year homeschooling, and i still feel like i’m figuring it out as i go along. things shift from year to year; the kids shift from year to year. i shift from year to year.  i have learned so much from this homeschool journey…have learned so much from my kids. about the way things blur, how things are not black and white, how there’s almost always a little wiggle room and an opportunity to shift perspective.  they teach me this, the history we read together teaches me this, relearning certain math concepts teaches me this.  even the eye rolls and defiance teach me this.

yesterday was a good day.  but day one is easy; i know this.  i’m counting on lots of easy days up front because the tough ones are coming…there are always some of those.  but day one is under our belts, and it was good.  sunday rolled right into monday without upset.  there was a blur between the days.  and a certain amount of blur is beautiful.


sending a little love your way, m