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Some random things.

These water soluble crayons.  Because color.  Sometimes I forget, but then I remember.  Just the other day, I remembered how much fun these are.

This post about self-care via shifting our thoughts.

I love when certain foods remind me of dear friends.  This dish does that for me.  (thinking of you, B)

This is surprisingly nice.  (thanks, A)

I love using these as my desktop display.

If you fancy a little read of mine, here’s a post on sibling relationships and here’s one on creativity.

For the love of books.


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Sending a little love your way, m

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Comfort Zone (Out of)


Let’s talk comfort zone.

My husband is a runner.  Me, not so much. Every year, our family runs a local 5K around Thanksgiving, a Turkey Trot. Long story short, I’ll be running with my daughter this year. At eleven years of age, she’s…well, she’s fast. Last year, I ran the 5K with her and it was fine; I can run a ten-minute mile without a problem. But, darn it, she got bigger and faster over the last year and it looks like she’ll be shaving a few minutes off her time. Which means I need to step up my game. I don’t love running, only do it halfheartedly in the interest of exercise. I’m not into speed and I’m not competitive (at least not in this realm).   But my sweet little girl went out on a run with my husband last weekend and he told me afterward how steady she was. How fast.

Uh oh.

And so this week I began running with new intent. I began pushing myself, just a little. Because I want to be able to run with my girl, and I’d like to do it without gasping for air or puking as I cross the finish line (okay, perhaps exaggerating that second part). So no more halfhearted. I’m All In. I’ve had three good runs this week. I feel motivated. I’m also aware that I’ve stepped outside my comfort zone.

Which is good. That’s often where the growth is.

I think it’s time to get a little uncomfortable creatively as well. I’ve felt quiet lately. Not exactly unmotivated to write or photograph. But quiet, and not doing much of either. I’ve been allowing this to be so, because sometimes stepping away from something brings clarity, brings space. But I’ve been stumbling upon telling passages in books and magazines; I’ve been listening closely to conversations I’m having with people. And some messages about stepping outside my creative comfort zone keep coming my way.

I’m not comfortable sharing these messages right now (let’s not get too carried away with this out-of-the-comfort-zone thing). But I will tell you that I’m listening and I might be close to stepping. I will tell you that I know what it is to feel vulnerable and unsure. I will tell you that I know what it is to feel simultaneously excited and scared shitless. And I wonder if you know this too. I bet you do.

Comfort zone. It’s so…comfortable. But a little stretching, a turn down a new path, a little more openness…it’s sometimes hard to initiate, but once we do…well, there’s no more complacency, there’s no more halfheartedness; there’s only All In.  Which is good.

Are you in?

Sending a little love your way, m

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Five on a Tuesday + a Giveaway


I like my lists.  I know you know.  When I just need to get something (anything) down, lists are how I fill my page.  Yes, the to-do lists (there’s always a current to-do list). But the other lists.  The ones for gratitude, the ones for right now, the ones for dreams.  I like the way lists tell a story.

If I write a list of five things for my Tuesday morning, here’s what comes to mind:

  1. a sunny and cool autumn walk with my favorite girl and our pup
  2. gratitude for being home this morning
  3. a hot cup of tea and then toast for me and waffles for the kids
  4. reading with the kids and the discussion that ensued
  5. tissues and tea and a longing to lay down (I’ve got a cold ;)

It’s simple, this list.  But it captures the morning perfectly for me.  It’s a little story for this Tuesday.  My story.

And now the giveaway part…I’ve got an upcoming run of Just Five Things starting in November and I’d like to invite you to join me.  You can read full details about the class by clicking here (dates for the class are November 7 – November 20).

In order to celebrate the opening of registration, I’m hosting a giveaway this week. Hooray!  Two spots in the class.  To enter the giveaway, share a few things you might list for your day.  You don’t have to write five.  You could write one.  Or ten.  As you wish.

Comments will close Sunday, October 9 at midnight PST.  I’ll announce the winners back here, in this post, on Monday.  Comments are now closed.  The two winners, selected at random are:  Heidi Johnson and Betty Tusing.  Congrats, ladies + I’ll be sending you an email shortly!  

Thanks to all of you who played along.  I enjoyed reading what each of you shared; so many things listed brought a smile to my face.  (And if you didn’t win…and, really, I wish you could all win…send me an email reminding me that you played along in the giveaway and I’ll send you a discount code to use for class registration).  xo

I can’t wait to read your lists stories.

Sending a little love your way, m


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The Overlap


This morning, in between good morning kisses and starting the laundry and emptying the dishwasher and making pumpkin bread and helping the kids with their schoolwork and proofreading my October Notes (to go out tomorrow) (what, October already?!)…yes, in between and among all of that, there came a moment when I picked up the camera and turned the lens on me.

Because I needed to pause.  And I wanted to remember.

I wanted to remember the patches on these jeans and the slippers on my feet and the coffee in my mug and the kids close by and the rain falling and the pumpkin bread baking.  I wanted to remember that first things first, and second things second, and that I can create pauses in between the first and second (and third).

I wanted to remember to look in my niece’s eyes when she was talking to me (yes, we’re so lucky to have one of my nieces staying with us this week).  I wanted to remember to sit on the floor next to my daughter and let her show me the map she’s drawing to pair with her current fantasy writing.  I wanted to remember that, even though my son is fifteen, he still needs me for proofreading and pumpkin bread and hugs.

I wanted to remember this Friday morning as a continuation of yesterday and a preparation for tomorrow.  I wanted to remember.  And so I turned the camera and I made the shot.  And I felt at peace.  At peace in that pause.  At peace in the midst of our love-filled home.  I’m so grateful for the life that is mine.

There are things I need to do.  And there are things I want to do.  And sometimes (in fact, I think quite often) the two overlap.

That, my friends, is what I wanted to remember.

Wishing you a happy Friday.  Wishing you a weekend full of remembering and pausing and generally feeling good.

Sending a little love your way, m


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Moving into a New Season


It’s the first day of autumn and I’m glad.  Glad for the turn of season and all that goes with it.  The sinking into rhythms with the kids, their schoolwork, their activities. The changing patterns of light in the sky and upon our tables and walls and hardwood floors.  The (intense) energy of summer days giving way to something quieter, something slower, something other.

At a time when growth outside my door is slowing, I feel something building within me.  It’s been building for some time (months, years) (a lifetime).  And I can’t quite put it into words for you.  But I feel it. It’s a vague sense of being on the edge of something.  On the edge of (some sort of) clarity.

Clarity on how to move in this world.  And, of course, I’m already moving in this world (gently, I hope).  But I feel a shift coming.  It won’t be groundbreaking to anyone but me.  But I will break ground.  I feel it.

On this first day of autumn, I write these words and look out at the autumn sedum. The autumn sedum is my herald of autumn, perhaps more so than the first falling leaves.  I’ve watched the sedum over the summer.  Watched their leaves form and their stalks grow tall.  Watched their clusters of tiny blooms form, green in their newness.  Watched and waited.  Waited for those dear little clusters to turn from green to a rusty, dusty, wine-colored pink.  And when they change, I feel my shoulders drop away from my ears.  I feel the release, the turn.  From one season to another, from one phase of growth to another.

Like the autumn sedum, I feel myself moving from that new and green growth to something different and slightly other.  It’s subtle, so subtle that it’s difficult to put into words.  Nothing is crystal clear (I’m not crystal clear), but there is some degree of focus, some quantity of surety.  And then…there’s a bit of blur at the edges.  And you know what?  I’m okay with the edges being a bit blurred.  Am, in fact, welcoming the softness of those edges and spaces.

Who says we have to have it All Figured Out?  Well, I know who says that.  But I choose not to listen, choose not to believe in that way of being.  Rather than figure things out, I choose simply to move through it.  I choose to make time to notice it.  I choose to make space to embrace and appreciate and surrender.  I choose to go with it, with intention.

It? This life, I mean.

Happy Autumn, my friends.
May you turn gently and go in the way that you need to go.

Sending a little love your way, m



Dear Sunday


Dear Sunday,

I like the clouds and the quiet beginning.  My chai and their doughnuts, and the four of us together.  The email to a friend (a conversation about life and writing, about waves of movement and shades of living and moments of joy).

I like the blanket spread upon the floor, my daughter and pup lying side by side.  And the way my son curls his legs into the chair as he reads and how my husband falls asleep on the sofa.  I like the smell of pizza cooking, especially when someone else has made that happen.

I like the sun peeking through the clouds, though truthfully I’d prefer the cloud cover to hold.  Am, in fact, wishing for rain.  Steady rain (and the accompanying cozy that follows on a Sunday afternoon with nowhere to go).  I like the wind blowing and the birches dancing.  I like the yellowing leaves falling to the ground.

I like the satisfaction of a week lived fully.  A week of giving attention where needed. A week of releasing what might look like perfect on the outside in order to feel steadier on the inside.  I like the extra minutes found in a day like you, so I can think about this and More.

I like you, Sunday. I really, really do.


Sending a little love your way, m



On a Cool September Morning


…and I’m back.

Back on a cool September morning, the sun rising and filling the corners of our home, the windows cracked and spreading coolness upon my toes.  Back with a cup of English Breakfast tea, sweetened with a touch of maple syrup (okay, a full tablespoon), a bit of milk.  Agnes Obel on Pandora.  A flickering candle on my desk. Back with patched jeans and a pale blue tee.  Two favorite rings, a circle pendant strung on leather cord, circle earrings, a band of beaded bracelets.  I’m having myself a moment.

I’m back from nowhere, really.  I’ve been here, just not here.  But this space and you dear readers have been on my mind.  I missed being here with you, but it was good too.  To press pause.  To grant myself a little space.

This morning, I woke up knowing that I wanted to share something here.  And as I came down the stairs, the house completely quiet, I was immediately seized with thoughts of what needed doing: start the laundry, empty the dishwasher, check the emails, make the grocery list, and All The Rest.  I did start the laundry, but then…I heated water in the kettle and squeezed fresh lemon juice into my mug.  And with hot lemon water in hand, I moved to my desk and lit the candle.  And I opened my journal and I moved my pen.  Across the page and through the tucks of my heart. First things first.

A little pause on this cool September morning.

And now I sit writing to you at my desk, and I hear the whirring of the washing machine in the background. There’s a crow cawing outside my window.  I’m watching for the juncos at the feeder.  The leaves of the birch trees sway ever so slightly.  Just a hint of movement.

It’s a cool September morning and I’m ready.  For today.  But first, a second cup of tea.


Sending a little love your way, m


Pressing Pause

656yellowHello to you.

I wish to let you know that I’m stepping away from this space for a bit.

A wee break.
A pause.

I have creative projects on which I’d like to work and need to free up some space for myself to do that work.  And my family…you know there’s my family.  And gazing at the birch trees out back.  They feed each other…and me.  Energy in, energy out.  I’m needing to shift.

I’ll continue writing my monthly newsletter which – if you don’t already subscribe – is simply a heartfelt letter from me to you on the first of each month.  If you’re not already on my list, you can sign up by clicking here.

You will still find me exploring what it means to be a mama at Makings of Motherhood and what it means to be a photographer at ViewFinders; you’ll also still find me playing with inspirational quotes and mobile photography at Tandem Echoes (wanna play along?!).  All of these spaces include the work of my wonderful co-contributors; the sharings are rich and layered.  Hop on over to any or all of these spaces, as inspired.

For now, I plan to continue with Instagram, though a pause there may be in order as well.  You can find me on Instagram @michelle_gd and I invite you to join me in using the hashtag #tinytinymoments anytime you feel especially present and want to connect creatively with kindreds.

Right now, I’m still planning on Gratitude Week in early November as well as another round of Just Five Things before the fall rounds into winter.  The best way to keep abreast of these offerings will be my newsletter.

I hope you enjoy your summer (or winter, depending on which corner of the world you live in).  Be kind and gentle…to yourself, as much as to others.  Show up and do the doing.  Shine your light.

And remember to pause now and then.
In the stillness you’ll find movement.
I’ll be dancing alongside you…

Sending a little lotta love your way, m



Current State of Affairs

current-1Dusting and vacuuming and scrubbing (which I hate to do) (but love once done) is the current state of affairs.  This coming weekend our home will be filled with family and I’m quite glad for that.  I won’t stress about the cleaning as I know my family doesn’t expect perfect (thank goodness). Still, the dust bunnies that re-appear one hour and five minutes after I’ve cleared them annoy the hell out of me.  But I’m looking forward to the eggplant and the salads and the grilled shrimp. The wine, the pretty napkins.  The conversation.  It’s not often that we’re together like this.

And so I’ll clean what I can and when my first sister arrives she’ll help me with the food shopping and we’ll hang balloons and streamers.  And my daughter and her first-arrived cousin will no doubt craft something beautiful.  And then everyone else will arrive and we’ll feast and we’ll chill and we’ll be the way we know how to be.

And that is, I think, a pretty good state of affairs.

Sending a little love your way, m